The Nash Dilema

Here's my question to all you smart people out there. In watching Saint Nash this season we've all observed a troubling trend. Turnovers. He had 8 last night against the Blazers.

I don't think anyone is particularly worried about a decline in points or assists. That was expected with less playing time and an offense that didn't rely on Steve's creative abilities 70% of the time. And no, that number has no basis in statistical reality. It's pure anecdotal SWAGery.

What is more puzzling is MVP Steve demonstrating his usual ability to make the difficult look easy while at the same time making the seemingly easy look difficult.

We still see the pick and roll run to near perfection. We still see great shooting percentages and a knack for hitting timely big shots. And we still see at least the occasional glimpses of fast break brilliance.

What we don't see is something you would expect from most second string point guards. We don't see crisp perimeter passing. We don't see smart and well executed post entry passing. We don't see good decision making in the half court game.

To be fair, the numbers show that Nash's 36 minute adjusted rate of 3.8 this season is consistent with the past few years. And not surprising given his job, he leads the team with 46 overall (4th in the league) which is 10 more then Amare and 15 more then Shaq.

So the numbers aren't horrible but with fewer overall possessions the impact of each one is magnified and instead of coming on failed attempts at brilliant plays they are coming on seemingly simple basketball maneuvers.

Some people agree with this theory that the system is at fault and forcing Nash to play this way is like watching a "hummingbird trapped inside a sandwich bag".

My problem with that is this. Shouldn't one of the "greatest point guards of all time" be able to adapt his game to a more traditional possession oriented efficient offense? Would Magic still be great if he could only run?

I am the last person likely to pull the rip cord and call the Porter Experiment a failure. I preach patience and chill. I like what the Suns are trying to do and I do think it will work itself out given a bit more time.

But I wonder my friends what you think is behind this very early season, small sample size loaded with distractions trend.

Speak now and let your voices ring true.

(if you havn't noticed I have been in a strangly poetic frame of mind since Nov 4th)

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