Suns third quarter surge beats Warriors

I used my DVR and took notes and paused again and again. What a fun game, point of night, as Magic just said, the Suns can now win in multiple ways, this is very new and exciting.

Figured I take notes while using DVR and post them, but I'll try and not write too much.

Warriors 39 Suns 34

Shaq gets ball down low, is called for offensive foul, i replayed it 3 times, yes his elbow hit the other guy, but it wasn't deliberate, or blatant, Shaq gets bad call in my view because of his size. (Shaq is 3 for 4 on free throws so far)

Giricek 1 for 2 from 3 point land so far! (good news for us).

Really poor decision by Barbosa to try and dribble through 2 Warriors, I could see before he did it he was going to have a tough time keeping the ball, and he lost it.

43-38 Suns losing, Diaw for basket and 1.

Barbosa hits a three! (I agree with announcer, Barbosa is the wild card for us).

Technical on Hill, replay shows warrior Biedrins, Andris (I think) kind of gave a hip push forcing Hill to ground. It was dirty, no surprise there, the Warriors, play fun and fast, but do tend to be dirty, even when they played and beat the Mavs last yr in the playoffs, there were a few real "THUG" type plays by the Warriors in my view. And I wanted the Mavs to lose.

43 - 41 Warriors winning, Warriors have missed 9 of last 11 shots.

Giricek hits his second three!! 2 for 3 so far beginning to be really happy with this signing.

Another steal by the Warriors, Amare was making drive to hoop, Warrior player made steal.

Giricek tries to pass inside, and another steal by this Warrior team, I have to say this Warrior team is so much better at getting and trying for steals!

44-44 (tie game)

Also, this Warrior team gets many offensive rebounds due to the nature of the 3 point shot, long rebounds.

Giricek with ball on fast break, and another steal!! This is what I was worried about when playing this Warrior team, if we could slow down all these turnovers, we'd be winning!!

Nash nails a three as 24 second shot clock buzzer goes off!! 48-47 Suns down.

Warriors get a lot of offensive rebounds. They really crash the boards with a lot of effort and hustle.

And another offensive rebound for the Warriors (Shaq on bench)

54-51 Suns down, Nash almost turns it over, I keep thinking why won't this team take advantage of DJ and use him against this team?

Suns playing good defense there, and the Suns off a Nash 3 pointer miss get an offensive rebound (long bounce thing again) but fail to capitalize as Bell misses a three also.

Beautiful drive by Nash and pass to a cutting Diaw for the basket Suns down by 1.

Hill loses the ball and Warriors on 3 on 1 fast break score. Nash gets called for a foul and Technical, once again using DVR, it's very clear it was a bad call.

60-55 Suns down, it's amazing we're so close with the number of turnovers so far, over 10 easily.

Amare with the drive and basket, 62-57.

Nash with the 3 point miss, Diaw with the offensive rebound, he's under the basket against a smaller guy and doesn't go back up with it?

Diaw gets bailed out with foul, from line misses both!!


Great offensive board by Hill!! And it pays off as Amare gets the hoop! 62-59 Suns down.

Nash nails a bomb (3 pointer) and its tied!!

Shaq scores with the hook! (7 points)

Shaq picks up his fourth foul, didn't see that one either, even with DVR.

Nash hits another jumper! Ties it again.

Nice little sequence, where normally 1 Warrior player gets the rebound around 3 Suns players because of his hustle and speed (Baron Davis), but this time Shaq gets the tip and a Warrior's player hits the deck. I think Shaq needs to keep this up, if he's going to foul out, he should make sure they remember him. Then Bell hits a 3!! Suns up 69-66!!

OK, I think I've seen too many clips of "Never Back Down".

Side note, Houston plays the Lakers Sunday!!

Davis hits a three to tie it.

Beautiful alley oop to Shaq!!


Amare has great hands, catches pass and draws foul.

OK, this is the play of the game so far, quiet but nice, Baron drives to the hoop, Nash actually does a good job sticking with him, Baron misses badly, Suns run back the other way, Nash does that draw the defense in one direction thing, knowing he has Bell in the corner for three waiting, then nails Bell, who then nails the THREE!! 76-71 Suns.

Its the little things like above that Nash does that many don't. Nash (leading up to Bell pass in corner for three) slowed down and looked and moved the opposite direction helping keep Bell unattended for that extra second or two, then quickly turned and hit him. I replayed it 3 times I was so impressed. Most guards would've just gone to Bell and passed him the ball, by the time Bell (on most others) got the ball to shoot, defense would've been contesting the shot as opposed to the wide open three Bell got.

Then Amare makes a sweet move and scores off short hook!

Shaq called for his fifth foul, and a Technical. In replay, Shaq gave a very small push and Warrior acted out and threw his arms.

Davis called for offensive foul, great job by Bell, then a slashing Barbosa scores!! 80-76 Suns winning. A three second T called on Suns, Barbosa in center.

Amare draws foul and basket!! And makes free throw for three point play! 83-77 Suns winning.

Big news this quarter, 3 minutes left in 3rd and Suns pick up their first turnover of this quarter!

Good defense again and Amare grabs rebound, Nash throws a bullet across the court, and L.B. makes quick pass to an already setup Bell who nails another THREE!!! Man its nice to see Bell back, 3 games now where on offense and defense he has been good to great!

88-79 Suns winning.

Shaq on bench, many would be ticked off about not being in the game, (as I'm sure part of him is), but he claps at made three pointer by Bell, cool.

Wow, here we go again, Suns play great defense and Warriors miss (can't get over strangeness of typing that part about defense :-) ) and Suns come down on the attack and Barbosa this time hits the three!! 91-77!! Shaq off court, standing, waving towels, cheering! It's great when the Suns attack on offense.

OMG! Amare makes a great block and the Suns are off to the races again. And Barbosa gets a long pass by Nash and "2 seconds or less" happens and Barbosa scores!! 93-79 Suns winning!

Great ball movement, good Defense, wow, a lot of fun. The Suns with or without Shaq are looking great.

OK, OK, this is awesome, I keep pausing the game to type about it. One of the Warriors looked to have an open three, Bell comes from nowhere and prevents him from shooting. Then with good pressure, Suns force Warriors turnover! We need this to continue, because even being up +10, this Warrior team can hit threes like no other.

Great drive and draw foul by Diaw, he hits both 95-81.

Davis hits a three.

Suns end 3rd 95-84. But as everyone knows, anything less than 20 points and I'm still on edge with a quarter to go, but it's great to see the Suns play like this.

Wow, block by Amare, Suns ball!! Hill is great at moving and cutting to the hoop without the ball, it must be a lot of fun to be on a team with so many great passers. Amare nails a cutting Hill under the hoop for a layup. SWEET!!! 97-84

Warriors nail a bomb. Barbosa misses a layup, Warriors come back with a layup. Amare has been awesome, gets a second jump and goes back up for hoop, misses but goes to line. 98-89 10 minutes left.

Sloppy turnover by Diaw!! Warriors respond with basket and Warriors within 7.

Suns in trouble here, they miss again and Suns get stop. 2 bad possessions in a row offensively with Hill having to take a long three as 24 second clock expiring. Nash needs to come back in early me thinks. The force is strong with him. Cause trouble for Warriors he will.

We catch a break as Warriors miss 2 free throws in a row. Nash nails the shot. Much needed. 100-91, then Warriors nail a three. Nash hits a three, great pass by Amare. Hill's hustle saves the defensive rebound for the Suns. 103-94

Nash nails another three!!!!!

Talk about a boost, then Davis nails a three, wouldn't expect less from him. Boris does a great job of taking the ball in to the hoop, uses his size and goes to the line. YES!! 108-97 after 2 free throws!!

One side note, as Ellis misses a shot that by all accounts should have gone in, one of those shots that hits every part of the rim but stays out. The side point, Ellis is one of those many young, new players that is really amazing already, and will be for years. I like him.

110-97, Nash on quick cut/pass to Diaw, and Diaw throws down a thunderous dunk, yes, thats right, DIAW. 3D!!

Great hustle by Suns, Warriors are tired, Suns didn't have to play last night, Suns grab 2 offensive rebounds in a row off great hustle by Bell and Diaw!!

110-101 4 minutes left. Suns catching some breaks as Davis misses a free throw.

Warriors force turnover, Amare makes great block but Warriors get rebound and score. Diaw to the rescue and scores.

Once again defensive pressure by the Suns that I'm not used to seeing. It's awesome. Amare throws down a 1 handed dunk as Warriors caught napping.

Still close, 114-107 2:56 left. Amare 30 points 10 rebounds, Nash with 21 points and 13 assists!

Bell ducks defense and hits basket!!

Back to a 9 point lead, 2:21 left. Side note again, I don't know if you watched the Warriors beat the Mavs in last years playoffs, but Davis, even if I didn't like him, was hitting all sorts of shots, and here he nails a shot, tonight he has 38 points and 8 assists. This guy missed the all stars?

116-109, 1:45 left, Suns catch a break as Warriors miss a three they seem to often to make, Suns ball. Diaw with the great pass to Amare who from halfway in between the free throw line and the hoop jumps and dunks, we're lucky to have him.

118-111, 1:11 left

They wisely go to Amare who gets off the shot (almost makes it) and will go to the line. These 2 free throws could all but ice it. 1 down! HE MAKES BOTH!!! 120-111, what a win this will be, following the weekend win vs the Spurs, wow!!

That run in the third quarter did it. Great to see the Suns can switch between styles. I wasn't expecting this.

Suns in a little trouble here, Hill blows a layup, Warriors score twice. 120-115 Suns ball 30 seconds left. Hill 1 for 6 tonight is at line. And he misses, the door has been left open. Hill makes 1,

Amare for dunk, its over!!

Nice simple interview with Amare and Nash after the game. Nash wiping sweat off Amare, Amare

The defensive effort by the Suns, Amare, Diaw, Nash coming in and giving them 3 quick 3's. All players of the game. Fun game, with 2 of 3 games coming up against so-so to poor teams. I like where we're at. Both Houston and Portland should be great games. I'm pulling for Houston on Sunday.

What a ride these last 2-3 weeks have been, thank you Phoenix Suns.

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