Suns Eliminate Warriors: 122 - 116

Some games are knock down drag out back and forth battles between two teams that are fighting and scratching and clawing for every possession. Those games usually come down to the team that wants it just a little bit more.

This wasn't that game.

This was the opposite. This was a game between two teams determined to phone it in until the final few minutes when the Suns remembered that they really in fact did want to win and the Warriors after getting a boost of insanity from their bench and Stone Cold S-Jax in the 3rd remembered how they started the game - planning their summer.


Amare is three games away from tying the franchise record for number of consecutive 20 point games. He has 18. He's a stud. He also said in the post game interview that it was a "tough game to get up for". Whatever that means. And he did have bad cold to go along with 28 points.

Grant Hill came out firing early and ended up torquing his man parts. The early word is that its not bad and that he will likely sit out the final game and be ready for Game 1. Here's to Grant's groin and its everlasting health and prosperity

LB and Boris both played well...kind of

LB continues to show his ability to sometimes hit a big shot (his 3 at the end of the game was the nail in the Warrior's playoff hopes) along with his blazing speed and Brazilian style defense.

Boris did play harder then his stat line would indicate. But he was TOTALLY bailed out by his little buddy when he drove the lane and instead of going through an out of position rotating S-Jax to at least draw a foul he dished to LB who hit the aforementioned big 3. I think a little dinner at Coup des Tartes is in order.

Baron Davis was benched in the second half. My guess is he was poaching Nellie's beer and got busted with his hand in the cooler.

At the end of the game when the Suns D needed to really step up guess who was on the bench. The Big Diesel....

When I turned on the game about 8 minutes into the first quarter (Tivo ate my first quarter!) and saw the Warriors twin towers on the floor I thought I was in bizarro world. Nellie looked like he had already thrown in the towel and was playing around for next year...hmmm, I wonder what our team would look like with two big guys on the floor at once playing D and grabbing rebounds..nah, just kidding

The Suns blew their chance to stomp on the Warriors necks out of the half and put the game into victory cigar mode...and blew that with a 19 point 327 turnover performance in the 3rd. Perhaps Nelie's beer was actually poached by The Gorilla whom Nellie mistook for Baron at a glance and The Gorilla took the pilfered brew to the Suns...its just a theory but I think it has merit

Players of the Game

MV Steve looked pissed in the fourth and willed his team to victory. He was 1 rebound away from the triple double and took a huge charge on Ellis on a crucial late possession. His shot wasn't there but his leadership and iron Candadian will was. Good thing too.

Despite being a defensive liability, the Big Shaqtus played tough and continued to show why he's THE SWEATIEST MAN ALIVE with 19 points and 15 rebounds and a near death blow to an unfortunate denzian of the court-side seats. That near miss must surely have resulted in a diaper change for someone.

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