Conversation with a Lakers Fan

So while we were on our way to the basketball court, my best friend and I were talking about different things; work, wives, gas prices. Both of us are really passionate about basketball and the teams we root for, so we try to avoid the basketball topic unless it involves talking about a missed lay up or a crucial turnover in the pick up game we just played.


Since the Olympics spirit is in the air, (and because there was a lot of traffic) we started talking about Team USA. One thing led to another and found ourselves arguing about the Suns and Lakers.


This is a transcript of what I remember:


PanamaSun: You got lucky when you got Gasol. Otherwise your season would have ended in the exact same way that ours did. Or even worse, maybe you would have not made it to the playoffs.


Sergio: Man, you know, that’s exactly why we hate your guts so much. You think that everything has to do with luck, your team is full of excuses, and your coach was full of excuses. You think that getting Gasol was luck? You could have gotten him also; you would have had your precious and very much needed big man. Where was Steve Kerr? If you would have traded the Matrix for Gasol straight up, everyone would have been happy. But then you would have lost to the Spurs again! And the cycle would have started all over…excuses, excuses and more excuses. 


PanamaSun: and you should know about excuses right? ‘Cause the best player in your team is full of it. He whined and whined because he couldn’t win with the Lakers roster. He said that Bynum needed to step up, and that he wanted to be traded if the front office didn’t get someone to help him, he is a Douche bag and you know it!


Sergio: He is a douche bag alright, but he is also a proven champion, he knows what it tastes to be on top. Can you blame him for wanting some help?.. Whining…HAHA, don’t even get me started on that, because you guys are know to be the biggest crybabies in the NBA. “Ohh we got screwed up by the refs, suspensions were unfair, Tim Donaghy was involved in game 3, David Stern hates the Suns and loves the Spurs, Amare was injured, Grant was injured, Bowen is dirty, and I can go on and on. You guys make fun of clipper fans and you are just the same. The truth is, your team has never been good enough, they are mentally weak and mental weakness is something that you can’t afford when competing at a high level. You know that better than me.


We went on and on, until we finally arrived and surprisingly, we played well together.


So, my fellow Sun’s Fans: Are we Crybabies? We can’t deny the fact that we have been labeled as “whiners” around the internet. Maybe we tend to blame (almost unconsciously) other circumstances instead of our own players and coaching staff. Could that be true?


Are the Basketball Gods against the Phoenix Suns?


Or is it simply that we are not good enough?



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