Announcing "Steve Nash Internet Day"

Sports fans are witnessing an epic performance from Steve Nash this season. We will honor that and his career with "Steve Nash Internet Day" on December 9th. (Photo by Max Simbron)

I am not one for fawning over athletes. These guys and gals are getting paid to play a game which has become at its core a lucrative entertainment business. Just like some people love movies or fine wine I enjoy sports and the people that play them at the highest levels. I am thrilled by their skills on a daily basis and consider myself an aficionado of their work but to me they are still just people playing games.

NBA players are nice guys for the most part and not all that different than the people you work with on a daily basis just taller, more athletic and perhaps better educated as well. They are not heroes. They do not put their lives on the line to protect us and they don't work in obscurity teaching our children.

They play a game for our enjoyment and for that reason have rarely caught my attention as being worthy of too much aggrandizement.

On very rare occasions, however, we fans of these artists are treated to the real-time work of a true master. These opportunities don't come often and when they happen they are to be cherished and respected. We tend to do that by looking backwards and creating retrospective moments of appreciation with end of year awards, Hall of Fame inductions, and day long NBA TV tributes. But what if we could appreciate them more as they are happening, right in front of our eyes?

What Steve Nash is doing this season at the age of 35 is as great as anything we've seen from an individual player in the history of Arizona sports. The numbers are eye-popping but the brilliance on the court is almost beyond description.

I remember watching Randy Johnson win four straight Cy Young Awards throwing 100 mile per hour fast balls and wicked sliders in his final few great years before his career started winding down. It was an opportunity to see a special kind of mastery in person and we are seeing that again this season from Nash. This season's just getting started and he may very well play at this level for another 3 or 5 years but why wait to celebrate?

Why wait to honor his mastery until after it's gone?

Why not capture its immediate glory in true Internet fashion - before the story is complete?

To honor, respect and generate attention for this once-in-life-time opportunity we are pleased to announce "Steve Nash Internet Day" to be held on December 9th and hosted right here (and no, it is not a coincidence that "Steve Nash Day" comes right after the Suns play the Mavs).

Details will follow but expect contributions from fellow fans of basketball greatness to pay a proper virtual tribute to our future Hall of Fame point guard.

Stay tuned. It's going to be a blast.

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