How to improve a team?

There are several ways: 


- Draft pick 

- Via trade 

- Free agents 


What is wrong with the Suns draft picks? Why they choose players will not play? Let us recall the most recent picks:


- In 2007 we picked Tucker; although the player had a good career at the university, in Phoenix were Raja Bell and Barbosa, which gives him few options to play; other possible picks in this draft were Carl Landry, Marcus Williams, Glen Davis and Marc Gasol; the problem was that the coach was D'Antoni and the mentality of the GM and coach would be: think about the present and not in the future. A mistake by the GM. 


 - In 2008 we picked RoLo; D'Antoni wasn’t the coach and we wanted to build a team with a different style. The first question is: "Is RoLo a smart player?" "What is his IQ?" "Why isn’t he playing? "Surely the coach doesn’t trust him. This affects him negatively and when the player plays some minutes wants to do too much in the short time he plays; obviously he plays with anxiety and makes many mistakes and fouls, and consequently the coach doesn’t trust him; it's a vicious circle. Another mistake by the GM.


- In 2009 we picked Clark. Why? Is the GM thinking of him as the future starter small forward? Or maybe the GM is thinking of him as the future starter power forward? In this case is the GM thinking trading Amare? Almost all the players picked in 1st round play many minutes, not so in The Suns, Why? Why The Suns lost the opportunity to evolve and improve the team via draft? The answer seems to be a  file X. 


This season started well for the Suns. There was good chemistry in the locker room and the success of the early season (November) has helped. The players were happy, the coach was happy, and even less common players were playing minutes and of course the fans were happy.


I imagine the coach's goal is to reach the play offs; but suddenly come defeats, the coach has more pressure and the team plays for the result; the coach remain faithful to his style of play but increase the minutes of the starters and cut the minutes of play of the bench players and plays with 8-9 players instead of 10-11


From my point of view this is a transition season and still having clear that the goal is to reach the PO, I also think that it would be necessary for some players to play more minutes in orden to give them confidence and see if they have level to play in the NBA. 


To strengthen the roster via sign & trade in the future you should know what are the players with whom you count and whom not, and if these players don’t play, you'll hardly know.


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