The problem's not with Amare. It's with us fans.

Fans stay with teams for both the good times and the bad times.

For the suns, the team will never be good enough. We want them to play fast full court running offense. We want them to play grind down slow/half court defence.

Are we the ones playing or the team players? Shouldn't they have a say on how they should play their games?

Nash was stifled by Terry Porter's plays to just throw the ball to Shaq in the paint and his figures were down. And people just keep picking on him that he's getting old and slow. Now he has more space and he is playing like what he used to.

What I see from Suns fans is this relentless picking on the team and its players.

We saw this last year when Bell asked why the pressure on the team was so suffocating to make a change when they were leading the NBA.

Presto, we traded Marion and we saw where that got us. A first round exit.

People under pressure don't make good decisions. And we are pressurising the team and the management 24/7 to do something. Anything.

Do you all expect the Suns to win on the road like this?

Look at it from Amare's perspective.

You all want more changes. You all want more defense. You keep picking on him when he rebounds and blocks well. It can better but his past performance was hardly crap.  But you all make it sound that it was crap because you keep piling on the expectations.

How can you blame him for being unmotivated and discouraged when he plays? His best is not good enough for you and when he does play his best, you all just see it as it's just good enough.

The lack of defence isn't just about Amare. It's Nash and everybody else, including the coach who can't coach defense to save his job. That's why we are trying to run again.

You want Amare to be a leader but your coach's plays reduce him to be a role player 70% of the time with 2 out of 3 plays running through Shaq. All the defending teams knows this formula and they are forcing turn-overs, deflections and steals because they know the Sun's plays. The leaders in the new plays are Porter, Shaq and Nash

And now Amare's supposed to take the heat for losses when he's not the one taking the lead for the change. He just wants to play his game, the ones that net him so much points, blocks and rebounds in the past seasons.

It is unrealistic for him to produce the same stat line for the Suns when the plays have reduced him to a role player on the wing. When he no longer feels like the go-to guy?

Which super star will want to come to Phoenix with fans and supporters like you?

This is a no win situation for Amare and for the team.

If I give up on the Suns, it's not just because I'm giving up on the team. I'm giving up on all of you fans (myself included) because we haven't been there for our team.

Our answer to everything is to trade people.

How's that for faith?

I am disgusted with myself. And with all of you.

Go Suns? Really and do you want some ketchup with that?

This comes from a fan from the other side of the globe.

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