Steve Kerr Moron Meter - Update

Hi! Are you new to the Bright Side of the Sun community? Have you wondered what in the heck that "Steve Kerr Moron Meter" is on the left side of the page?

Lucky for you it's time for a quick update and since I know there are a lot of new faces avatars around I thought we would also provide a's how it works:

Mr. Kerr himself famously declared after The Trade that he would be judged either Moron or Genius based on the results.

Now we have a way to keep score.

Henceforth shall we have the Steve Kerr Moron Meter.

For more explanation read the founding document here.

The score (before today) stands at 13 Genius Points and 14 Moron Points. If you want to see how and when those points were awarded you can check out this page with a running tally.

To be totally fair, Kerr is really just the "face on the Meter" for decisions made by his boss and entire staff .

There's simply nothing catchy about the "Robert Sarver, Steve Kerr, David Griffin and their entire staff Moron Meter".



Steve Kerr has been in the news a lot lately and his pub has been about as good Britney Spears circa 2008 (fortunately without the photo's). That brings us to today's award...

We gave Kerr two Moron Points for firing Terry Porter.  Actually, not so much for firing Terry as for having to fire Terry only 4 months into his first season.

Since the ethos of the Meter is to track the results of Kerr's moves on a more frequent basis his replacement choice of Gentry and the historic three game run of 140 points deserves to be recognized as well.

Two Genius Points for Steve for bringing in Gentry and having the sense to let Alvin be Alvin even if some of us (and I suspect Kerr as well) think in the long run it's not the right way to play basketball and certainly isn't a formula for winning the ring everyone covets.










Way to go Steve.

When If this system doesn't pan out I am not even going to think about putting the blame back on you.

You brought in Porter and tried to get this team to play better defense and work the ball in a more playoff friendly half court game. The players jumped ship as soon as the waters got rough and you were left with little choice but to give in to their demands and for at least a few more months give the economically depressed Phoenix fans something to ooh and aahh over as they sit home and watch their neighbors get foreclosed and their equity vanish.

I think Tim Legler said it best on the radio the other day. Steve Kerr ultimately will be judged on how well he rebuilds this team once Hill, Nash and Shaq move on.

In the mean time though, our blogging license would be revoked if we didn't find contrived ways to drop hyperbole on a regular basis. So, we will be watching your guys and if Shaq's head implodes after being run off the floor by his own team or JRich goes super nova for the rest of the season we will be here with our all important Genius and Moron Points.

I am sure your staff updates you regularly on these things but try not to take it personal.

Lord knows I wouldn't fair well if someone were tracking my every move on a near daily basis!


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