Why rebuild or trade now? SSOL vs SSOS

How can we tank when we have sold most of all picks in the next future?

Will suns fans be happy with a first round or second round exit without condemning the team as incapable of winning a ring next season?

Seven Seconds Or Less

SSOL was balanced as we had at least 3 good perimeter defenders every season e.g: JJ, Marion, Diaw, Bell. Essentially, we force people to score in the paint for 2 points against our threes. George Karl and other coaches have often picked up on that. And Suns normally lose when our 3s ain't falling.

Indirectly SSOL helps to cover our defensive softness in the post and paint and the fire escape at our PG position with our strong perimeter D and forcing people to play faster and ignore their own defense to catch up with our 3 point shooting.

Exhibit A: Immediate side effect: After Shaq trade, our pacing and scoring suffered as we were a 3-point shooter short and we have to go begging from the likes of Brent Barry... sigh.

Seven Seconds Or Shaq

SSOS strengthens our offense at the expense of exposing our defense shotcomings for any discerning coach and able floor general. Our porous defense necessitates our players to play a "Whack-a-Mole" on cutters and slashers when they penetrate as and when. We lack perimeter defenders who can control the path to the basket to where our bigs are there to alter or block the shots.

SSOS scores more becos we go for more high % shots in the paint "Barnes are u listening" but with good shooters like Nash and Dragic, J Rich "not so much", Barnes "sigh" we have an inside and outside scoring game, thanks also to Shaq, LB and GH.

However this is done at the expense of a poor outside and inside defense.

We desperately need defensive-minded ahtletic bigs "like Hornet's 7 footer" and someone who is quick on post play at both ends.

We also need cutters and slashers who can create their own shots be it 2 or 3s and pass well "Diaw or Odom would be nice".

Look SSOS is a study of patchwork linking ill-fitting skill sets. Playing zone at intervals is only to cover our shortcomings for as long as we can and most of the time they can't play it for that long as our vets are ageing.

Most compliment Gentry on going deep into the bench but it may also show that he was still tinkering with the best possible line-up as no one proved that critical or that outstanding in the positions they had to play.

My question is whether we stick to this patch-up SSOL wannabe i.e. SSOS to win big in the regular season.

Or really blow it up to build a team who can survive the play-offs?

Your call.

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