Off Season Miracle


I have been following the suns for the past 4 years (from the UK have to stay up late most nights and find streams most of which are crap) and this site for the past year keep up the good work guys.This is what I think what we should do in the off season with trades to get ourselves in the upper echelon of the Western Conference.


  1. Give Gentry a 2 year contract, the players love him, I like him and I think no one else can come in and have a positive effect. The difference between him and Porter was he knew how to manage the egos and personalities.
  2. Hire a coach who specialises in perimeter defence or pick and roll defence.

      We need to improve one (which I will give reasons for below)

  1. Re- hire the athletic training staff (I personally don’t know there contracts but we will need them to keep the oldies off the injured list.


The next part involves trades I don’t know the trading and salary stuff too well but this is what I think could work. (I am probably wrong)


Pick up Steve Nash’s option and trade him to the New York Knicks for a 1st round pick (maybe for 2010 since we don’t have one (Steve Kerr) and the talent pool in this years draft is not that great) and a second round pick or cash considerations (whatever that means).We could get David Lee, Jared Jefferies or Nate Robinson but I have not followed them that much this year so I don’t know the pros and cons of their games.


I know if your reading this now you will be going what this British guy thinks he is doing, be patient and you will understand my reasoning. Steve Nash is out best offensive player and has been for the past 4 years (somewhere he has had 2 MVP years). He is out best playmaker and best shooter. But since his lover Mike Dantoni has left and his got older he has lost that je ne sais quoi that being involving shaq in the offence or porter’s attempt to change the system or any other number of reasons. But the worst thing was opposition guards playing against him and scoring career high points, a la B. Roy, Mo Williams, D. Harris, D Wade etc.


2. Trade Jason Richardson the trade has not worked he is hit and miss and not consistent enough and several game winning shot against us which were kind of blamed on him and personally I don’t like him as a player and as a person with his dui and speeding. I would even buy his contract out but I don’t understand how that works so trade him. The only reasonable teams that I think that could take his are the Minnesota Timberwolves who are £50 million 09/10 and can be there second scorer after Al Jefferson. Another team which is more unlikely are the New Jersey Nets with the J Rich’s contract is £13 million and they will be over the tax and they could give us one of their scrubs contact for $4 million, which we could buy out.


These first 2 trades are because our perimeter defence is getting abused time and time again and captain Canada and J Rich are simply not getting the job done and need replacing. I could have gone and traded Shaq or Amare because of the lack of pick and roll defence but I think Amare is the future which is kind of scary but if he was healthy after the all star break we might have got the last seed and give the LA Lakers a run for the money but most likely out in first round. Also shaq is in the last year of his contract and I think he can be a factor in the playoffs if healthy.


Get rid of Matt Barnes the most hit and miss player of our team all season, kept jacking up threes and making stupid passes thinking he was a quarterback thinks he deserves a raise more like a kick up the back side.


Swift you got to go!! enough said.


So that is 26 million of the books and 8 players on our team with 51 million in guaranteed money and tax is at 69.5 so 18 million to play with


Next part is free agency which we need to sign a couple of defensive players we have had a great offence the past seasons but we need to stop the perimeter and dribble penetration.


Re- sign our MVP in the 08/09 season which was Grant Hill, his contract his 1.9 million now and I am not sure but there is a rule like you have to give veterans certain amount of money do lets say $1.5 million.(which is probably the wrong amount)


Ramon Sessions

Trevor Ariza

Ben Gordon

And the controversial players

Ron Artest

Rasheed Wallace


What a starting line up those 5 players could be, if only we can pull it off and sign them all on vet minimum, like that’s ever going to happen. These are the players I think we should target. Realistically we can get 2 of them.


No 1 priority is signing Ramon Sessions since trading Nash we need a point guard duh and I think Sessions will develop into a top tier point guard given time. He is a true point and I think gentry will get the best out of him, at 6-3, he averages 10 points per game and 6.5 assists and has already had a triple double against the Lakers with 16 points, 16 assists, 10 rebounds, and two steals, only 7 other players (Wade Kidd Lebron Paul Kobe Rondo and other one I think is Devin Haris but I am not sure) this season have achieved this. Last season he had 20 assists season before in a meaningless game plus his numbers will be up in an up-tempo offence. Since he has been paid $722,517 past 2 seasons I would say give between 7-10 million since both the top point guards Steve Nash Jason Kidd Deron Williams and Chris Paul get about 13 million a year. I would settle at 7 million. Plus the Milwaukee bucks are just under the tax by half a million or so in 09/10 what ever they offer him they will be over. Plus I am sure they want to offer Villanueva extended contract too. So should be interesting for them and I think who ever gets him will be the steal of the free agency. Plus I think him starting with hill Amare and Shaq would be a decent pitch he can’t refuse to play with. Or can he?


These are his assist stats (below) which were 18 overall during the season of all point guards and his scoring average of the 2008/2009 season were 12.4 points per game


79   27.5    452   5.7    152      1.9          10.0           2.97


Signing him probably is 8 out of 10 to a $7 million starting contract.


Update: after proof reading this article I am writing (and there are probably spelling/ grammatical mistakes as well as mistakes in understanding free agency.)

Just looked up stuff on free agency and found out he is a restricted free agent, I am sorry still after looking it up I kind of understand what it means. We can offer him $7 million the bucks can match it, so is it up to the player where he can sign or up to his team. Hopefully it’s his option and he signs with us if not my whole post is for nothing. Oh well lets carry on.


The Lakers are 77 million without odom and ariza in 09/10, (with the tax at $69.5 million which gives us hope in the pacific) and ariza is a decent SF who can play defence. Lakers no1 priority would be to sign odom to a smaller contract and if that doesn’t happen then they will turn to ariza and give him something a little bit more than the 3.1 million he currently gets paid, we could offer him 5-6 million. 


Signing him probably 1 out of 10 because odom will sign somewhere else and they will probably give ariza the mid level exemption (sorry don’t know what that means)


Ben Gordon the moron should have signed that big contact before the  economy went down the toilet. Am I right and saying we had his draft rights or something I probably am wrong. Any way we know he wont sign anything under $6.5 million but looking at the Google spreadsheet nba salaries thing  player salaries increase every year and we know shaq 20 million is coming off next season so we can offer him $7 million 1st year then 8 the next then 9 then 10 a four year contract.


Signing him is probably 1 out of 10 only if he signs a vet’s minimum with us and re-signs a bigger contact in 2010 which probably won’t happen.


Now to the controversy from the brief knowledge of the game Ron Artest is somewhat known as a problem here and there but he has settled down of late and knowing the rockets won’t make it far through the playoffs (hopefully out in the first round ) we can sign him. He currently gets paid 7.4 million we can offer him 8 to 10 million for 3-4 years plus he can play the guard position he is playing since T Mac went down or he can switch with grant hill in the starting line-up. This would beef our perimeter defence where got killed last year.


Signing him would be 5 out of 10, to $8 million to start with, he will probably get better offers from other teams.


 Lastly the crazy signing of the year of Rasheed Wallace, this would only work if Detroit do badly in the payoffs and he and shaq decide to rotate the centre position each game or depending on match ups or injuries to either and the fact he gets technicals and he would sign for the veterans minimum . Also Detroit are 40 mill without rasheed and Iverson on the books and are rumoured to sign Boozer, Marion or Gordon, boozer gets paid 12 million which he can opt put of and he said he is going to say he probably signs a 15 million plus which I think he probably is looking for then maybe rasheed might stay like I said a long shot.


Signing him 1 out of 10


Every year we have a signing like that surprises us couple of seasons ago it was grant Hill becoming the player he should have been in his career this year it was Louis Amundson and for next year we should sign


Othyus Jeffers playing for the Iowa Energy from the d-league, You’re all like what is this crazy guy thinking never heard of him.


Just won rookie of the year 08/09 in the d-league and who ranks in the top 10 in scoring, rebounding and steals. In 46 games (31 starts) for Iowa, Jeffers is averaging 20.9 points on 53 percent (354-for-667) shooting from the field, to go with 9.1 rebounds, 2.8 assists and 2.1 steals who is know as a defensive player.


Starting line up


Sessions Artest Hill Amare Shaq

Dragic Barbosa Dudley Lopez Admunson

Tucker Jeffers 1st round rookie

Our 13 man squad




Shaquille O'Neal


Amare Stoudemire


Ron Artest


Ramon Sessions


Leandro Barbosa


Grant Hill


Goran Dragic


Robin Lopez


Jared Dudley


Alando Tucker


Othyus Jeffers


Louis Amundson


Rookie 1st round(shooter)


Rookie 2nd round overseas


offer 2nd round for another future 2nd








Luxury Tax



Plus we had a first round pick and I think but I am not sure but 2 second round picks some mocks have us at 2 picks and some have as 1. I don’t know who we should draft because after Rubio and Griffin the rest are hit and miss. But I think we should draft a pure shooter or defender. Ty Lawson, Cole Aldrich or Darren Collison are some of the players I like. The second round pick should be an international player whose contract we can buy next year when Shaq monster contract comes off the books.

Went to Draft Express and Donatas Motiejunas the Lithuanian 7 feet (without shoes) who plays PF/C, Vladimir Dasic a 6’9 SF/PF who is probably a prospect  as is Jan Vesely a 6’11 Centre.

I guessed Grant Hill’s salary and 1st round rookie contract.


For all this to pan out (ASSUMING IM RIGHT AND I HAVE A FEELING I AM WRONG) several miracles needs to happen to pull this off at the same time but if this roster change happens we should be a force to be reckoned with in the western conference and the Phoenix will rise again and like all fans who post stuff like this I will finish with the dream of




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