Rumor: Shaq to Chicago for Luol Deng


This rumor is reported by someone who has been very accurate in the past & is a main source of insider info to Bulls fans:


There is a possibility Shaquille O’Neal could be in a Chicago Bulls uniform next season. In a rather surprising discovery, the Phoenix Suns and Bulls plan on engaging in trade talks that could send the future hall of fame center to Chicago, as soon as teams are allowed to talk after the playoffs. Suns GM Steve Kerr is looking to deal Shaq and is said to be interested in Loul Deng. The Suns would like to move the aging center mainly because he has slowed the up-tempo Suns down drastically. They feel Deng could bring some young, athletic energy back to the team. The Suns also feel Deng could still live up to his potential and contract if he can stay healthy


(MORE at link)


That's the first post in this thread on RealGM( ). I think the deal may have some merit, but only if Kerr/Sarver don't screw it up. Shaq was great for us last season, but who knows if he'll be able to replicate that success next year. I'm confident in our training staff's ability to get Deng back to the level he was playing at just a few short years ago( ) . However, I still believe that Shaq's All-NBA, All-Star, 21 million dollar expiring is worth more than Luol Deng, Jerome James(expiring contract, 80% covered by insurance making him financially appealing) and Tim Thomas(another expiring contract), which is the deal that most Chicago fans seem to be pushing. 

If we trade Shaq, we HAVE to get back another four/five starter to play next to Amare. Run/Gun is fun until you have our undersized front-court getting absolutely demolished by Al Jefferson, Pau Gasol/Lamar Odom/Andrew Bynum, Tim Duncan, Carlos Boozer/Memo Okur, Dirk/Dampier, Scola/Yao, Griffin/Randolph/Camby/Kaman, etc.

Thus, I propose the following trade. New Orleans gets an expiring contract for Chandler(what they tried to get for him at the deadline), Chicago gets Shaq+Jason RIchardson to add to their lineup and frees themselves of Deng's contract, and we roll out the following lineup:


PG: Nash/Hinrich/Dragic

SG: Deng/Barbosa

SF: Hill/Dudley

PF: Amare/Tim Thomas

C: Chandler/Lou/Lopez


I think that's a fantastic lineup. Hinrich adds defense and can either back up Nash or play alongside Nash at times. Deng/Hill are good perimeter defenders, and Chandler takes the dirty work in the post so Amare can wreak havoc. Under Gentry I think that lineup can actually go deep in the playoffs. The most important part of this trade is quite obviously the return of Tim Thomas, who provides phenomenal swag and may actually play like he gives a damn again since it's his contract year.

Of course, most Chicago fans don't want anything to do with Jason Richardson, and I understand that, so doing the deal without Richardson and Hinrich would be fine with me too, but then I don't know how we'd handle our starting lineup, because Deng should start over Richardson, and Hill plays so much better as a starter.

Anyways, what are your guys thoughts on a potential Shaq to Chicago deal?

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