Crazy is different than impossible

Plus, it's not like there's a whole lot of Suns-related news right now, and no offense PhoenixStan, but I'm not big on the WNBA.

I saw a post from a TrueHoop network blog about the 76ers trading Iggy for Gordon, and it got me thinking.  If Iggy and Dalembert want out of Philly, what about coming to phoenix? Stick with me here.

From my humble calculations, the Sixers will be around 4 to 4.5 million dollars under the cap this year.  The Suns want to move J-Rich and Shaq for talent and cap space, with Philly in a similar situation. Here's the trade

To Phoenix: Igoudala, Dalembert, Reggie Evans and Jason Smith and the #17 pick

To Philly: Richardson, O'Neal and the #14 pick

Here's why it works, cap-space wise:

Phoenix:  The Suns are shredding around 5 millions from their payroll (which is, of course, around ten million because of the luxury tax). Dalembert's contract expires the same year as Richardson's if he doesn't work out, and the only "bad" contract is reggie evans, who is at about 4.6 for the next three years.

Philly: The Sixers shed their salary-cap albotross in Dalembert, and get monster cap space for the summer of LeBron.

Here's why it works, talent wise:

Phoenix: Igoudala replaces the energy, hustle and DEFENSE lost by Marion.  If we're playing fast paced, a Nash-Barbosa-Iggy-Stoudemire-Dalembert lineup would, in my humble opinion, bring back the glory days- in Iggy we would finally have our stopper.  Dalmbert, in a bad year, averaged the same blocks and rebounds as Shaq did, would fit better next to Amare, and I bet would have a better chance of repeating those numbers that Shaq will.  You can also go Nash-Iggy-Hill-Stoudemire-Dalmbert for a suprisingly decent defensive team, that can still score, because unlike Bell or Marion, Iggy can create his own shot.  Evans becomes the back-up big man that we need. Teague or Holliday should be available at 17 for us to draft.

Philly: It seems to be a fore-gone conclusion that Dalembert is on his way out, and Iggy wants to be.  J-Rich can put up all the numbers Iggy can offensively, and most importantly he lets them play Thad Young at the 3, whom they seem to be enamored with.  A Williams-Richardson-Young-Brand/Speights-O'Neal lineup would be just as good as last year, would give them a chance to build around Lou, Young and Speights, and would give them that precious cap space.

Obviously, I am enamored with this trade. So sue me. I may harbor a man-crush on Iggy, but it still seems like a good trade.

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