Total Destruction

The day before the draft, (as I see it, our last chance for major overhaul) I figured I would roll out my huge, crazy, insane rebuilding project, and pray that Kerr reads it. Be warned, the only players I plan on keeping are Barbosa, Dudley and Lopez

Trade #1: Amare Stoudemire and the #14 pick for Rudy Gay and the #2 pick.

Why the Suns do it: We want to unload Amare.  It's already known that we like Gay.  We almost got him in an earlier trade before Chris Wallace went gun shy (Chad Ford discussed as much recently in ESPN).  This trade gives us our guy, and, at #2, the final heir apparent to Steve Nash - Ricky Rubio!

Why the Grizzlies do it:  Gay and Mayo cannot fit on the same team- not enough touches to go around.  The Grizz get their inside scoring option to go with Mayo (personally, I would love to build around a Conley-Mayo-Stoudemire trio) and alleviats the clear problem they have at #2. I think Chris Wallace pulls of this trade because, short term, the Grizz are the immediate winners. If I were the suns, I would throw in a future number 1 if I have to as well.

Trade #2: Shaq to anyone. Preferebly the Hornets for Chandler and Wright.

Why the Suns do it: I think Shaq tried as hard as, and was good as anyone last year.  That said, he's not a fit here.  And from attending the last 5 home games, Lopez was half-decent when he got playing time.  I do think Chandler can be had for Shaq, and that gives you a good big to build around (Chandler) who, if he doesn't pan out or gets injured, it's okay, because Lopez needs some playing time.  Not only that, you know have consistency at the 5 with two athletic, defensive centers.  

Why the Hornets do it - This is, with out a doubt, the best salary-cap shedding moves the Hornets have out there.  The teams with the partially guaranteed contracts (Mavs, Cavs, Bucks) have no interest in Chandler.  If  the Hornets aren't game, the trade becomes - 

Shaq and Tucker to Cavs.  Ben Wallace and draft pick to Clippers.  Camby, Pavlovic to Suns.

This trade happens because the Cavs need an offensive threat, which Camby is not.  ESPN has reported that the Suns and Cavs are desperately trying to find a third team - the Clippers can fit that role, because they desperately want to shed camby both to get cap space and room for Griffin, which the retiring Ben Wallace will give them

Trade #3.  Steve Nash to the Knicks in a sign and trade for David Lee and the 2010 #1, or the #8 this year.

New York wants Nash.  Nash wants New York.  Let's not delay the inevitable.  Hopefully #8 will be Hill or Evans or something, giving the Suns this lineup:

Trade #4: Jason Richardson to the Minnesota Timberwolves for Corey Brewer, Etan Thomas and Mark Madsen

I forgot to put this trade in here; Chucko ripped me a new one and it reminded me. Anyway . . .

Why the Suns do it: Shed J-Rich's contract, get a young, defensive wing player, and possible big help in Etan Thomas, although he's really there because his contract comes up.  

Why the Timberwolves do it: They got rid of all there decent wing players; Richardson becomes their backcourt scorer.


Barbosa/Brewer (yes we should start Barbosa).





We are the run and gun team of the future.  I think this team is actually better defensively - Rubio is already better than Nash, Barbosa is not awful (better than J-Rich) Gay has flashes of greatness defensively (he just needs to apply himself - I know it's a big if, but that what Hill is for hopefully) we can dominate the boards with Lee, and Camby/Chandler, and have a good future froncourt with Lee and Lopez.  

Plus, you've got three years of rookie contracts for Rubio, Gay, and Lopez, with Hill and Barbosa at reasonable contracts.  If we dump J-Rich by the trade deadline, we should have enough money (13 mil) to sign a FREE AGENT in addition to the Rubio-Barbosa-Gay-Lee-Lopez core. 

Of course, in real life, we'll draft Earl Clark, who will have a Casey Jacobson career, trade Shaq for Ben Wallace, dump Amare at the deadline for something like Rodney Stuckey and Rip Hamilton (blech) and lose nash in free agency.  

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