A fan's reaction to draft day: Three suppositions and why they are true

There are three suppositions I'd like to prove with this post. I'm going to prove all but the third why after the jump.

a) Of all the pieces that should be traded after Shaq, it is Steve Nash, and not Jason Richardson nor Amare Stoudemire, who should be traded next.

b) Phoenix should focus on a big 3 involving an SG, an SF and a PF.

c) Phoenix loves drafting brothers of superstars. In 2008 we had Robin Lopez; in 2009 we have Taylor Griffin.

Point: Steve Nash should be the next piece traded.

Proof: Let's get something straight here. Steve Nash was one of the best point guards in the league in 2007-08. In 2008-09, he was not an all-star. One could attribute that to many things at the outset. The fact that he was playing half court basketball at a slower tempo for half of the season is a valid excuse for his low assist numbers. Truthfully, no matter what kind of basketball he's playing, he's still really old. He's my favorite basketball player of all time. Phoenix needs to ship him. Plus, his pure shooting is excellent, but...he doesn't shoot the ball. He spends most of his time dishing the ball to others. He's the best passer in history. I know. But you have to work around that. Amare Stoudemire has got to be the face of that franchise.

Solution: A passing, young, proven PG. Stephen Curry looked like the perfect Steve Nash replica, but Don Nelson isn't getting rid of him. The Suns might want to see if they could pick up Ricky Rubio. Minnesota might be more interested in Jason Richardson, though. 


Point: Phoenix should compose itself of an SG/SF/PF composition.

Proof: The best teams have had three-big-star compositions. The most recent example has been the Ray Allen/Paul Pierce/KG Big Three. Two man combos (Kobe and Shaq, Stockton and Malone, Payton and Kemp) worked, but rarely, and four man combos (such as the most recent Suns with Nash/Richardson/Amare/Shaq) are much less common. If you're getting rid of Steve Nash for a young PG, and you're keeping Amare, you need two other big scorers at the SG, SF or C. And you're unlikely to pick up a scorer at the 5 better than Shaq.

Solution: Say we make the Ricky Rubio move. Trading Nash is the next step. I think a Troy Murphy/Steve Nash trade might be really interesting. Murphy had a great year, can play the 3 and would bring great size there (6'11"). He'd guard the 5 but play a 3's role. Stoudemire would play a 5's role, Clark a 4's. Murphy can shoot and he ends up on the perimeter often. He's like a young Rashard Lewis. Since you would then be a good $10M or so under the cap, they could sign someone at the SG, preferably someone who can penetrate. I want to say Allen Iverson, but I also don't want to say Allen Iverson for fear that someone shoots me.


Potential lineup:

PG Rubio/(sign somebody)

SG Iverson/Barbosa

SF Clark/C. Brewer

PF Stoudemire/T. Griffin

C Murphy/Lopez

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