Sarvar & Kerr Listen Up


Looks like the GSW trade isn’t happening now. Unless they throw in next years 1st round unprotected I don’t see why we should get another scrub instead or Curry.


We have never heard (or I have never heard) Ben Wallace says he wants to retire.

He has a $14 million dollar salary he might want all of it bought out or he may want to play. Lets face it $14 million in this credit crunch era is a lot.


I read somewhere( don’t know if its true) that last year if we got into the playoffs and played 2 more games Sarvar would have made even throughout the year.


If I was in control and wanted to put a winning product on the floor this is what my crazy British idea would be. (God help us all)


Fist I would try and buyout Ben Wallace and Sasha Pavlovic. Therefore the total salary for the team would be $56 million.


The basic idea is that a team can only sign a free agent if the total payroll for the team will not exceed the salary cap, so what I have been researching and trying to understand is that we can sign a free agent because our team salary Is $56 million and the salary cap is $59 million.


Hopefully this is right or this post will be for nothing.


I hit free agency looking at the needs of the team which are starting SF and C. With Shaq gone and G.Hill (probably signs with contender) and M.Barnes.


Starting with SF free agency


Trevor Ariza, would love him to come but probably re-signs along with Lamar Odom.


Shawn Marion, love him to come back but since he doesn’t like management he will sign somewhere else.


Ron Artest, love to have his defence and on court presence, I am sure Amare once said he would like to emulate him. Ron said he wants to get paid but if my first choice (going to list below) doesn’t sign then he would be a nice backup.


My first choice would be Hedo Turkoglu. He would be great in the run and gun would give good size at 6-10 could operate the high pick and role, shoot the 3 take it to the basket, underrated defence and take some point guard duties away from Steve Nash and we know how clutch he is and he would be threat on out of bounds plays.

I read somewhere that his agent aid he wanted a Corey Maggette type contract 5 years $50 million. For the 09/10 season I would offer him $9.2 million.9.6,9.9,10.2,10.9the following seasons.


Next is the Centre position


Love to reunite Hedo T with Memo Okur but his price is too high, the birdman will sign with Denver and R.Wallace is old, lots of technicals and will sign with a contender in the east or maybe SAS.


Obvious choice is Marcin Gortat, (we drafted him) his 25 years old, mobile for the run and gun, rebounds a lot with little playing time he had, has a decent offensive game(probably gets better with Steve Nash at point), his biggest asset is his man defence as well as his pick and roll defence. Obviously he is going to get a lot of teams asking for him (Dallas Detroit New York Knicks OKC Portland and SAS

) who need starter centre help but I think we can offer him starting job decent money as well as the city of phoenix and the fact we got Hedo on our team by now.

Sign him for 5 years $35 million. Starting at $5 million 6,7,8,9 million the following season.


If Grant Hill wants to sign the minimum we can give him is $1.3 million, but doubt he will be back, not heard anything from him or management.


Robin Lopez was drafted 15th and signed a $1.6 for the first season hopefully we can sign Ear Clark for the same amount.


The Salary Cap and Luxury Cap Numbers are from that Google Spreadsheet Document which has all the other teams salaries and other statistical information


There we go our starting line up as follows with average points next to them(total team average 105points per game) but we probably score more than that. We have a decent team, under the tax and a shot at at least the second round of the playoffs.


SN 15pts

JR 15pts

HT 15pts

AS 20 pts

MG 10 pts


LB 15 pts

GD 4 pts

JD 4 pts

LA 2 pts

RL 5 pts




Marcin Gortat


Amare Stoudemire


Hedo Turkoglu


Steve Nash


Leandro Barbosa


Jason Richarson


Goran Dragic


Robin Lopez


Jared Dudley


Alando Tucker


Louis Amundson


Earl Clark


13th man/ D League












Luxury Tax


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