Sarver's Carvering of the Suns: A Retrospective

Sarver's Carvering of the Suns: A Retrospective

The Banker's Influence on our Beloved Suns

It's easy to second guess decisions after their results have played out.  At the time you believe people make decisions for reasons that seem reasonable at the time.    This post is mostly a recap of comments made on AZcentral by brmarin.

Decisions by Sarver have become all too easy to second guess with the benefit of hindsight.    The truth be told, even as Steve Kerr or Brian Colangelo were forced to make these decisions they didn't exactly seem that great at the time.   Of course neither you or I were actually there while these decisions were being made but it seems that Sarver's fingerprints are all over this mess. 

The list of missteps includes draft issues, bogus trades, GM issues, and coaching changes.

1. Suns draft Lou Deng, then trade his rights away for Jackson Vroman and future first round pick. Lou Deng (or Andre Igoudala) would have been a nice player to have during some of our playoff runs from 05 - 07.

2. Joe Johnson wants extension in the summer of 2004 for a reasonable price. Sarver refuses even when advised by his GM.

3. Joe goes onto to have a fabulous 04-05 season and his contract value rises from his original extension request. Joe leaves because of soured relations with Sarver.

4. 2005 draft suns select Gortat and Nate Robinson. Nate is traded with Q. Richardson to obtain Kurt Thomas because Amare is hurt. Nate would have been a nice scoring punch from the PG position. Gortat is traded for cash to the Magic.

5. Colangelo resigns as GM because Saver lets him know he will not pay him more money and apparently didn't value his work very much. Kerr comes aboard. Colangelo was probably also mad about interference such as Sarver trading picks for money and not signing Joe Johnson like he advised him to do.

6. Suns draft Rondo in 2006 draft and trade him away for a 2007 draft pick of Cleveland.  The Suns could have had Nash, Nate Robinson, Rondo. Suns also draft PG Serigo Rogriguez and trade for cash considerations.

7. 2007 draft Suns take Rudy Fernandez and trade him and James Jones for some more cash again.  Fernandez is just beginning his NBA career but looked impressive against the US "Redeem Team" in the Gold Medal Game. The Suns take Alando tucker with the 27th pick. Aaron Brooks, Arron Aflfalo, Carl landry, Marc Gasol, Ramon Sessions are still on the draft board when the Suns take Tucker and Fernandez. Suns could of used the services Afflalo because he is a wing defender/ 3point shooter. Gasol or Landry would give the Suns a big man they need.

7. Feb. 2007 Suns trade Marion for Shaq. Marion was worth much more than an injured Shaq in 2007. He was a dream teamer that had many amazing seasons. During the 2006-07 season, Marion was one of two players (the other Kevin Garnett) to rank in the top 40 in points per game, rebounds per game, field goal percentage, blocks per game, steals per game, and minutes per game and he was named to his fourth NBA All-Star Team. We get Shaq and of course this leads to chemistry problems because the Suns were a running team forced to play half court. Shaq was a also a ball hog and paint clogger. Big mistake!!! I can remember when Minnesota was willing to trade Garnett for Marion and Barbs. Can you say champs with Garnett.

8. Sarver/Kerr alienate D'antoni who signs with the Knicks and get Porter. Porter tries and fails to change a team built to run into a defensive half court team ala San Antonio Spurs and is fired a little over midseason.

9. 2008 Draft we take Lopez and trade & pay dearly for Dragic. I don't know why. Marreese Speights, Courtney Lee, Kosta Koufas, Nicolas Batum, PG's George Hill, and Mario Chalmers were all available but Sarver/Kerr wanted Lopez and Dragic. All the alternative picks would have been better. Suns also trade 2nd round pick for Dragic and Spurs draft Duejuan Blair with the pick this year.   We can remember that as we see him beating up our bigs in the future.

10. 2009 Shaq is traded away for almost nothing (financial considerations again).   The Suns do not get anyone back who is likely to play at all for the team.     Kerr can not even get a first round pick for the aging center coming off of an all star year.

11. What's coming next???  Suns lose Grant Hill, Amar'e Stoudemire, and Steve Nash?   There are signs that some of these are coming.

Add more if you want and enjoy.

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