Time to choose..

Hi everyone. Im interested in getting opinions on which Phoenix Suns team has done a better job in bringing smiles and great expectations through the year they played. 

Let's go over the Teams by year along with a few stats and player roster.

I'm going to split the last few years in pre and post Shaq trade for 2008 and the 2008/9 Terry Porter and 2009 Gentry Suns.

2005 Suns : 62 wins, 110.4 points per game, 103.3 points allowed, .477 FG%, .393 3FG%, 2,026 3s attempted, lost in Western finals (San Antonio, six games).

Eight-Man Rotation: Amare Stoudemire, Shawn Marion, Joe Johnson (47.8% 3FG), Nash (43.1% 3FG), Quentin Richardson (38.9% 3FG), Leandro Barbosa (36.7% 3FG), Jimmy Jackson (45.9% 3FG), Steven Hunter.

2006 Suns : 54 wins, 108.4 points per game, 102.8 points allowed, .479 FG%, .399 3FG%, 2,097 3s attempted, lost in Western finals (Dallas, six games).

Eight-Man Rotation: Nash (43.9% 3FG), Marion, Diaw, Barbosa (44.4% 3FG), Raja Bell (44.2%) 3FG, Tim Thomas (42.9% 3FG), Eddie House (38.9% 3FG), James Jones (38.6% 3FG), Kurt Thomas, Stoudemire (injured).

2007 Suns : 61 wins, 110.2 points per game, 102.9 points allowed, .494 FG%, .399 3FG%, 1,967 3s attempted, lost in Western semis (San Antonio, six games).

Nine-Man Rotation: Nash (45.5% 3FG), Marion, Stoudemire, Diaw, Barbosa (43.4% 3FG), Raja Bell (41.3%) 3FG, James Jones (37.8% 3FG), K. Thomas, Banks.

2008 Suns : 55 wins, 110.1 points per game, 105.0 points allowed, .500 FG%, .393 3FG%, 1,764 3s attempted, lost in first round (San Antonio, five games).

Eight-Man Rotation: Nash (47.0% 3FG), Marion/Shaq, Stoudemire, Diaw, Barbosa (38.9% 3FG), Raja Bell (40.1%) 3FG, Grant Hill, Gordon Giricek.

2009 Suns : 46 wins, 109.4 points per game, 107.5 points allowed, .504 FG%, .383 3FG%, 1,445 3s attempted. Missed playoffs.

Eleven-Man Rotation: Nash (44.0% 3FG),Shaq, Stoudemire, Diaw/Dudley, Barbosa (37.5% 3FG),Raja Bell/Richardson , Grant Hill, Barnes(34.5% 3FG),Dragic, Amudson,Lopez.

Things to think about:

1) Was the 2005 team destined for success if not for the J Johnson injury? Could we have beaten the Spurs and then the rugged Pistons?

2) Was the 2006 team running smoothly enough towards the end or where they too tired with the injuries,7 game series,huge minutes for our small 7 man rotation?

3)  Was the 2007 team too reliant on Nash running it? Was our bench play mediocre down the strech? Did we just get screwed when the momentum was heading our way in the Spurs series???

4)Did the Team look good or real good before we traded Marion? Could we have done it with just the addition of Hill?    where we that dangerous entering the playoffs on a 15-5 run with Shaq? Could we have pulled through if not for      Duncans improbable three?

5) Did the team seem tough and a bit more balanced at two points in time during the Porter era? At the start of the season and right before christmas day and Roger Masons ridiculous three that sucked the life out of the team? Would Gentry's Run Run Run system be much more successful if not for Amare's Injury?

OK Then.

So.. The questions  are: (along  with my answers)

Most entertaining Suns team? 2005 team.

Better crunch time performing Suns team? 2007 team. 

Best defending Suns team? 2006 team.

Suns team that caused biggest matchup problems to opponents? 2006 team.

Most confident Suns team while entering Playoffs? 2007 team.

Best Suns team Chemistry? 2005 team.

Best Suns Team that could win even if "our three's aren't falling"? 2008 team pre Shaq.

Most unfortunate Suns Team? 2007 team.

Best Suns team that could win that year's Eastern Conference finalist the easiest? 2007 team.

Worst Suns team when it came to bench contributors? 2005 team.

Worst Rebounding Suns team? 2009/Gentry team.

Suns Team that relied on Nash a bit too much? 2006 team.

Suns team that you where Happy when they won but calm when they lost? 2009 Porter team before trade.

Suns team the seemed to have it but weren't sure? 2008 team with Marion.

Hope to get your Opinion guys!!

GO Suns.

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