Phoenix Suns sell Jersey and Court ad space

It has to be better then raising the price on beer, no?

The Phoenix Suns today announced that they will hold a press conference tomorrow to introduce a new sponsor for their practice jerseys and the practice court. I guess this qualifies as "news" technically but only just barely.

No official word yet on who the sponsor is but has some ideas.

I probably won't go to the press conference tomorrow (despite the offer a free lunch) but if I did, I guess I would be curious to know how much exposure a sponsor can expect to receive for jerseys and a court that very rarely are shown to the public. But then again, I really don't care all that much as long as the deal helps keep beer prices down.

[Note by Phoenix Stan, 09/15/09 7:20 PM MST ]

Coro lets the cat out the bag on the sponsor and dollars:

"The Annexus Group, a Scottsdale-based annuity company that will pay a mid-six-figure amount annually"

Paul also reports that Summer Suns Carlos Powell will be invited to the Suns camp and Zabian Dowdell is in town rehabbing an injury.

I watched about 20 minutes of Suns workout today and noticed someone I didn't recognize playing that must have been Powell and I did see Zabian on the side lines as well.

The guys play several game to 20 with no coaching, free throws, refs, etc. And not much organization either. Just a lot of running, quick shots and the occasional pass. Very occasional.

A couple of things that stood out:

  • Amare is moving well but clearly isn't in shape yet. No surprise there. And yes, he was wearing his goggles. I've heard people say that Amare looks bigger this summer but I don't see it
  • Jared Dudley does look slimmer. He was matched up on Jason Richardson and JRich looked like the bigger player. At one point JRich size him up at the top of the key and when JD got too close Jason crossed him over and blew right by. Impressive
  • I only say Lou Amundson take one jump shot - a 10 footer from the baseline. Earl Clark rose up and stuffed it in his face
  • Grant at one point flew down the court and slide through the "defense" for a classic Grant Hill lay up. A thing of beauty
  • Tucker looks good and was aggressive at one point throwing down a nice jam but he also missed a few at the rim
  • Channing was there. I tried to notice more but that's pretty much it. He was there
  • Robin wasn't on the court and neither was Nash
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