Amare to Miami (Trade Speculation)

So, Miami tried to tried for STAT before, the Suns have a history of dealing with them . . . . blah blah blah.

I can't predict what's going to happen.  I just know what I want to happen.  If the Suns trade Amare, I am hoping for three things:

1. A trade to the Eastern Conference.  The West is stacked enough already.

2. A legit prospect.  I swear, if all we get for Amare is role-player prospect like Yi or Ty Thomas I will light my Nash jersey on fire.  And Nash might do it as well.

3. Some visible cap relief. Not a buyout, and NOT somebody like Corey Maggette.  

The following deal with Miami accomplishes all three

The Miami Heat send Jermaine O'Neal and Michael Beasley


The Phoenix Suns send Amar'e Stoudemire and Jason Richardson.


Why the Heat do it: Projected lineup: Chalmers-Wade-Richardson-Stoudemire-Haslem.  You're telling me that group can't contend? Maybe they need some time to gell, but Wade will immediately have twice the supporting cast LeBron does.  

Plus, can the Heat do any better? They may have a chance to snag Bosh, who is honestly better than Amare.  But that's a maybe.  Plus, they get a perfect third wheel in J-Rich - another wing (so they don't have to let Q play), and a three point shooter to spread the floor.  Lastly, I don't think its any sort of sure thing that Wade stays. He's from Chicago, he loves Chicago, and the Bulls are sitting on massive cap space and D-Rose.  The Heat need to do something to get Wade to stay, and this would be it.


Why the Suns do it:  Beasley has personal issues.  He does.  But to give the man some credit, he has at least realized it and is making a push.  

A talented, hyper-athletic 4 with a checkered past?  Isn't this exactly what the Suns saw when they take a waiver on Amare?  Beasley is absolutely the best prospect out there, this only one with a (very) outside chance at superstardom.  Sometimes, you have to roll the dice on players, and I would rather ride with Beasley than hope Ty Thomas turns into something besides 10-8 every night.

Secondly, O'Neal has a massive expiring contract.  The Suns shed $2 million immediately in this trade, and if my calculations are correct, would be about $10-11 million under the cap next year. They can't throw a front-loaded contract at Rudy Gay?  

Lastly, any trade that happens needs to A: Let the Suns make the playoffs this year and B: Clear space for younger players.  If I make this trade, and I'm the Suns, it allows me to start Dragic at the 2.  Which is worth seeing.

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