Massive Phoenix/Washington Trade


The trade I have been dreaming about is one where we don't have to rebuild, we get to save money.


The Suns send Amare Stoudemire, Jason Richardson, and Earl Clark (Gulp!) to the Wiz


The Wiz send Antwan Jaminson, Caron Butler, and Mike Miller to the Suns.


Why I like this trade: We get two players who I think would fit perfectly in our up-tempo offense, both which are locked up for a few years. We get a rental on Mike Miller till the season is over and shed his 10 million dollars. We Keep Nash and the fan base happy and still have a shot at the playoffs.


Why I dislike this trade: We don't get any picks or young players. We also lose a very raw talent in Earl Clark. (Butler is 29, Jaminson is 33).


I just think these players are perfect for us, Caron can play pretty good defense and Jaminson replaces Amare for the fraction of the cost, none of the players clog the lane or demand the ball in there hand in order to be effective. Caron would also take the stress off of Grant's Aging knee's and add more depth off of our bench.

For The Wizard on the other hand, they receive a motivated Amare who already said he would like to play in DC, a nice young piece in Earl Clark and Richardson's scoring and bloated contract which comes off the books next year. They have the chance to re-sign Amare, who if they feel different could be the new face of the franchise and also have a bevy of contracts coming off the books this year.

Mike James-$6,466,600(WTF?)

Brendan Haywood- $6,000,000(Who, I think is the perfect center to team with Amare,  he blocks shots, rebounds and doesn't demand the ball.)

Randy Foye-$3,575,761

DeShawn Stevenson-$3,883,929

Fabricio Oberto-$1,990,000

Javaris Crittenton-$1,477,920

Total Amount:$23,394,210

They are currently 23 million over the payroll so this would bring them to even, plus Amare's 17.7 off the book they would be under the payroll by $17,700,00(Approx). This is before even mentioning the scenario that Gilbert's contract comes off the books, so add Gilberts current $16,192,080 they would be $33,829,080 dollars under the cap(Approx). So, in one summer with a lottery pick and huge cap space could litterally change the landscape of the Organization.

A trade that makes us better for the foreseeable future and inject some new blood in the franchise as well as the money we save, we may get to keep our draft picks this year (yay!). A trade that gives Washington a new face and blows up the old face. If they lose out on Amare, they save mega bucks with him and trading J-Rich's valuable expiring deal and with the bad blood that Washington president and Gilbert have, gives them mega cap space in a loaded free agent market as well as having a lottery pick, have the ability to change the culture of the suffering franchise in one summer.

While, most of you might be more interested in a trade with Miami, Houston, Golden State or New Jersey, this is just my opinion and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this happens.

back ups:

(My back up favorite and more likely to happen is Amare for Q-Rich's expiring deal and Michael Beasley)

We save three million off the bat, as well as the nostalgia in seeing Q-Rich once again in a Suns uniform..Hold on, let me collect my emotions. Oh, did I mention we get to shed his 8.77 million dollar contract?

Amare Stoudemire to Golden State for Anthony Randolph, Corey Maggette, and Speedy Claxton's expiring deal.

Corey Maggette seems like a rejuvenated player to me, getting boards and getting to the line 10 times a game. If his name wasn't Corey Maggette he would be getting all-star merit but because he is who he is, he will always have the slacker label. Maybe playing for a contender for a change would light a fire under him and I'm not even mentioned the mega upside of Randolph.

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