Were going to have to let you go.

That's right, the NBA is thinking about contracting teams. Personally, I'm all for it. It will make the league a bit more competitive. I know people will lose their jobs, but hey, it's life and it happens to a lot of us. The questions are how many teams and which ones? 

Here's a list of teams to consider:

















Yea, that's about half the league. Some of those teams have actually fixed their problems though. Like the Nets, they got this really rich Russian owner and will probably move to Brooklyn sometime. The Wizards seem to be turning things around. Their owner is even considering changing the name back to the Bullets. How awesome is that! I might just have to make the Bullets my 2nd favorite team, yes, and it's all because of the name. The Warriors actually have a pretty good fan base and attendance, they just need to get a new arena. I hope they don't get cut and they probably won't. I'm not really sure about why I put the Hawks up there. I just want Al Horford to join the Suns. Other than that I'm not sure why I even included these teams in the list. 


Charlotte is more of a college town, but the fact that Jordan pretty much owns the Bobcats makes me believe that they won't get cut. I hear that the 76ers fans don't really support their team when they're losing, but Philly is a good sports city. I don't think they get cut, but they're something for the league to consider and they do have really crappy ownership. Pacers, I'm not sure why people keep listing this team as a possibility to be cut? Bucks, I know they aren't the most attractive place out there for most players, but their slogan is awesome. Please don't cut them. Raptors, they've sucked and they can't hang on to one good player. I don't think this team can ever have a franchise player. That is why they must be considered. Grizz will probably be the first to go, at least that's what everybody is saying. I give up on the Clippers, they will forever remain the laughing stock and punching bag of the league. They're in LA, for crying out loud, doubt the NBA would cut them or even relocate them. I always forget about the T-Wolves and they are a low revenue team which is why I got to put them on here.


 A lot of these teams just need to be relocated, but if they do decide to cut teams I'm guessing 2-4 of the above will just have to be let go. I know this is a touchy subject, but I felt like bringing it up anyway because it just might happen. I'm ready for all the virtual knives to be thrown at me now.

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