But he was our idiot

27, almost 28 years ago a boy was born in Lake Wales Florida, a state known for it's tropical storms and hurricanes. These storms ironically are the shape that this young mans life would begin to resemble. At the early age of 12 his father was taken away from him, the cause a heart attack. This boy's mother was a drug user and spent most of his life in and out of jail. The game of basketball became his escape from it all, he first picked up a ball at the age of 14, and well the rest... the rest is history.



Six years after picking up a ball, Amar'e Carsares found his way to the desert. Amar'e won the NBA's Rookie of The Year award in 2002 and with his rim testing dunks and freakish athleticism he became a favorite of many Phoenix Suns fans. Amar'e suffered for two years as a member of our Suns, as he and fan favorite Stephon Marbury (ha) helped the Suns to records of 44-38 and 29-53. Amar'es shining moment through those first two years is perhaps the top of the key three pointer he hit against the eventual NBA Champion spurs, foreshadowing for future epic battles that were to occur. Well.... that or maybe this.



It wasn't until a certain long haired canadian found his way back to the desert in the 2004-05 NBA season that Amar'e found himself playing in meaningful games. With the arrival of that canadian came a Weapon of Massive Destruction that would terrorize opposing defense for years to come. Amar'es numbers grew with the Suns win as Amar'e found himself a fixture on the All-Star team and the Suns a fixture in the playoffs. The studly Stoudemire never averaged under 20 points for a season and his rebounding numbers stayed in the neighborhood of 9. Stoudemire and the Suns found themselves in the spotlight, and with the spotlight came bigger expectations.

These expectations perhaps weighed on Stoudemire, but they weight on us the fans even more. We got greedy, we wanted a championship soon, leading to knee jerk reactions from both us and the front office. Years passed by, yet the championship tally for the Suns remained empty. Fans began to look for a scapegoat, and ofcourse they found Amar'e Stoudemire, after all he was the easy target. Amar'e had a case of the foot-in-the-mouth syndrome leading to quotes that could easily be misinterpreted. Amar'e was never arrested or suspended, but for some reason he was always labeled as a problem, along with the Birdman's and Allen Iverson's of the league. And eventually along with his spot in the all-star game Amar'e was able to look forward to the yearly mid-season trade rumors he would find himself involved in. Why would anyone ever want to trade away a guy who put up 20 and 10 nightly, let alone one who was a upstanding citizen. Sure Amar'es intelligence and leadership left some to be desired for, but we didn't pay him to teach our kids or to be a role model, we paid him to score baskets and give us a chance at a title. And that he did, in bunches. He was a idiot... but he was our idiot!

This is a open letter, i'm not crying over him being gone, and i'm not upset about last nights loss either. However, I am upset that we didn't appreciate what we had. Now that Amar'e Stoudemire is gone I see exactly what we lost, we lost the man with the Gorilla Game, the man who DESTROYED Anthony Tolliver, we lost A'M'A'R'E Stoudmire the league leader in apostrophes, and we also lost one of the greatest Sun's players of all time. I miss Amare Stoudemire and no matter what jersey he's wearing i'll always support him. And maybe through some freak occurrence he'll find himself in the desert again much like Nash did.


Top 100 Amare Stoudemire Dunks (via mixstealer300)

Might edit this one a little bit, suggestions are welcome. Just something Ive been wanting to get off my chest for quite some time, hopefully a few of you can relate.

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