Hedo Turkoglu

We need to give him a break. It isn't right to be disappointed in him. I'm defending him because he's probably going to suck for a few weeks or more. I hope not, but he probably will by no fault of his own. 

The thought came to me today that not only is Turk learning a new system that is hard to learn, but he's learning a new position at the same time. He's pretty much a rookie out there. I think we are asking too much from him. I think we are asking him to do something he's likely not going to succeed at.

Hedo is 31 years old.  How many players in NBA History have learned a new position while in their 30's and have succeeded at it? I can't think of that many. The most recent that come to mind are Dennis Rodman and Charles Barkley. I assume Chuck played the 3 in Philly right? Well, if he did he was 30 when he came to Phoenix and switched to PF.  Rodman played SF for the Pistons. I'm not sure what position he played when in SA, but by the time he got to the Bulls he was in his mid-30's and was starting Power-Forward for them. He was built for it(strangely enough, Barkley was too). Dennis was a vegeterion and a gym rat. The guy was in great shape not only for his age, but his age as an NBA player. He was strong, smart, dedicated and durable.

Hedo has upper strength, but like Amar'e his lower body isn't that strong, he is smart though, but is he dedicated? I don't know, but I doubt he is durable. I don't think Hedo's body will be able to handle playing the 4 for that long( a season tops) considering his age and the fact that his body won't be use to the kind of beating it will take. Playing PF will wear him down faster than we want him to. He just isn't built for it. At this point in his career I think it's too late for him to learn a new position. 

What can we do? We could always just put Hedo back at the 3, but that position is already clogged. Out of these 3 guys, Childress, Dudley and Hill. Who gets the boot? If I had to choose it would be Grant Hill. Yea, I know I'm picking on the lovable, old guy. Why? Because he's Old, that's why! He's 38 and this is likely his last season. I love Grant and what he has done for us, he is an important player to this team, but not so much anymore. We're not a contender anymore. We have to focus on getting better and the future. We might have to trade him. No, I'm not trying to start any trade ideals. I'm just speaking the truth. I would trade him to a contender for something or someone that could help this team for any position from 4-5( yea, not many options there). I know that some of you and even Nash really, really don't like the ideal of trading Grant, but neither did I and especially, Nash when we traded Bell. Look how that turned out!

  In the meantime I think Gentry should have Turk come off the bench and learn against the backup power-forwards of the NBA instead. I believe that playing with Goran Dragic will allow him to handle the ball more which will make him feel a bit more at home which hopefully will lead to more success. For right now, that's the best we could do. I hope Gentry does it soon. He was put in a really tough situation thanks to Sarver. I like Alvin Gentry, but this is the year he has to prove whether he really is worth the big stuff.

The FO will have to do what's best for the team. Sarver's a fan boy just like us and he has his favorite players. Hedo was a guy he always admired and wanted to play for the Suns. It's just the timing wasn't right and now were stuck with a guy playing out of his position. We probably won't be able to trade Hedo for at least two more years, so a trade is likely not an option. Sorry, he ain't going anywhere.

 I wouldn't let go of Duds if I were them, don't screw that one up, Sarver. This guy is a perfect fit for us, he's younger than Josh and is constantly improving. I can see him being better and more loved than Raja Bell in a few years. Not to mention, he's on the Nash diet and will probably be good for a long time. Now that I got my Jared Dudley love out of the way I just want to end by saying that this team is in a crappy position (just like Hedo) and that really sucks!

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