Hero first, cop second, writer third

This is now how I would define my skills. It's a limited skillset but one that I'm quite proud of.


But this article isn't just being written in order to boast about my incredible talents, no, this is being written to enlighten you on my gifts.

I'm just kidding on the above people. But what I've been speaking to a couple of BSoTS's writers recently about a new hobby I have and I was encouraged to post links to my stuff here. So that's what I'm gonna do.

I have a full-time profession but I wanted to get back involved in basketball in a big way, and being that I can't commit to playing for a team any more due to working schedules and girlfriend schedules, I offered my assistance in any other way I could. 

After constantly asking my girl for her opinion/assistance on writing this email (she's good with words whereas, ironically, I am not) I had something to send to the British Basketball league teams.

I didn't really know how I could help, if anyone from the teams would take it seriously or just think I was a mental because that's what I'd be thinking.

Anyway, I checked my email inbox later on in the day and I had a response. It was from the Leicester Riders.

I gave the GM for them a call and he was perfectly pleasant in accepting my offer of help.  It's just he didn't know what I wanted to do and frankly, neither did I. I just knew I wanted to help.

In the past, that kind of thinking has worked - I went out to Thailand a year after the Tsunami hit and just helped. I didn't know how I could or where I could go to help but it just kinda worked out.

Same thing in Uganda. I wanted to help, and next thing I know, I was. Again, it just kinda worked out.

This time was different though, I was being asked HOW I wanted to help. I'd never been in this position before but thankfully, Russ (GM) gave me some options:

Russ - Do you want to clean up after the game?

Me - Umm...

Russ - Do you want to help set the chairs up before the game?

Me - Uhh...

Russ - What about media?

Me - That sounds awesome! That's what I'd like to do!

Just like that, I managed to get very lucky and get an opportunity to write game reports for the Leicester Riders. 

I told him that I'd pay him a visit for the game in a couple of days time and have a chat with him about the finer details of me writing reports.

Come game time I had a chat with Russ and he asked me to write a game report right away and it's continued from there.


I've only written two reports so far but last game I was asked to interview the players too, so things are going swimmingly. 

In addition to that great opportunity, I've been writing a weekly NBA update which is to be entered into their gameday programme and on Saturday I interviewed the drummer from Fun Loving Criminals who is a Leicester fan and hopefully that'll be up on their website later on this week.

I've been given a fantastic opportunity and it's one that I'm aiming to grab with both hands.  

Only now do I realise just how awesome Seth's job is. Worship that man for he has a good life. And I envy him for it. I love you Seth.

So here are a couple of links to mock my work via:

Link 1 and Link 2 (I'm particularly proud of the headlines)

Oh and if you've made it this far without clicking elsewhere, I'll reward you with a paid work related story. I won't go into details in case this ever gets back to my work but I'll give you the gist of what happened but use celebrities to hopefully make it slightly more fun:

Bruce Willis one day ties up Rumer Willis' hands and kidnaps her, takes Rumer back to her mum's house and shouts abuse at Demi moore. Bruce then starts having an argument with Ashton Kutcher. During the course of this argument, Bruce throws acid on Ashton. Ashton runs off.

Meanwhile, Rumer has managed to untie her bound hands and grab two kitchen knives.

Rumer then stabs Bruce multiple times in the head and eye.

Bruce is still alive and requires hospital attention.

These, my friends, are the kind of things I have to deal with. 


I should have chosen to be a writer. I hate you Seth.

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