This just came into my mind. I think this year's Phoenix Suns has some similarities with the Orlando Magic that Turkoglu played for and had a trip to the NBA Finals. Last night, we saw the Suns rain 3point shot after 3point shot to the Los Angeles Fakers and we witnessed the last three point made by Hedo way far from behind the arc that put the Suns 2nd in 3 pointers made in a single game. By this, I remembered the Hedo who played for the Orlando Magic. He showed some playmaking or passing last night. He dove to the basket and scored. Shoot 3s. And most of all, one of the reason why we signed him, his ability to perform in clutch time. So I just want to know your thoughts about Hedo. Here are some of my thoughts why this year's Suns has some similarities with the 09-10 Magic.



It's kinda obvious. Orlando Magic before was using the same line up we have now in terms of size and versatility. There's one big man at the center surrounded by 4 (Lewis, Carter, Hedo, Nelson) lethal 3point shooters, perimeter shooters, and slashers in the starting lineup. Orlando found success using this lineup. So far on what we have seen on Robin, we are kinda disappointed on his performance, and we saw him last night go down with a medium sprained knee. I'm not worried him not playing for 5-7 games because guys are having more fun without him like we saw last night. But definitely, we are gonna have so much more fun when he will be back to last season's Robin Lopez and contribute and improve even more. Dwight is so much better than Robin offensively and defensively. Turkoglu, playing for the Magic, had many brilliant plays with Dwight Howard. If Robin is to improve, Hedo could run plays with him and be successful at it. Hedo was good at it. So I hope he could utilize what we have here in Phoenix and make the Suns deadly and Hedo could help Robin improve. Or just maybe.


3 Point Shooting

It is self-explainable. But one thing I could really conclude about this, we could do better than Magic's NBA record of 23 3pointers. We could have more three point attempts last night if it weren't for Pau Gasol who dominated the paint and snatched handful of rebounds from us. We stay patient. We'll have another chance breaking the record of 23.









And of course, HEDO

I think there's a Turkoglu effect. But I am not certainly denying Master Nash's leadership here in Phoenix, and Grant defying age, and JRich and everyone. Maybe I just think Turk has an aura or what. I don't know. Maybe its just coincidence that Hedo came here in Phoenix and is in the same situation or has similarities like the Magic he played for.


But I say we are better than the Magic who went to the Finals. Reasons:

#1 NASH. Captain NASH.

#2. Better BENCH

#3 Better Head Coach

#4 Better FANS

#5 Best blogsite

#6 Better players

#7 Better staffs and everyone.

PS. please disregard my word choice and grammar. I'm a Filipino and just a 16 year old. This is just my 3rd Fanposts. Thank YOU for reading and comment and vote. THANKS.

So here's my question:

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