Just my own little analysis

                                                                     THE PROBLEM


 The suns generally run most of their offense off pick and roll plays. They also rely on drive and kick plays to open up the paint for slashers or finishers and to draw players for kick out to shooters for easy shots. The rest of their offense needs to be generated from defense by getting stops/steals/blocks, which was the calling card of our great 2nd unit last year

Without warrick to roll to the basket and no post players for slashers to operate around or to draw the defense, the starting unit struggles on offense and can't get stops and rebounds efficiently. What they really need is a guy who can finish at the rim, consistently fhit 15ft jump shots and defend the post and rebound (because there are so many of these guys just relaxing in FA waiting to be signed).

This would result in better offense giving the suns better defense, as they would be in transition less because they score the ball more. Also, with a better rebounder and post defender, they give up less second chance points and can play perimeter defense more aggressively because they know they have help behind them (see spurs during championship era).

                                                                        THE UNLIKELY SOLUTION

Suns need to trade some wings for a pf as they are overloaded at the wing and undersized, or play Earl Clark for more minutes. However, that is hard because they have so many good wings who deserve minutes. Also, as Clark is not going to be very consistent it would be hard to do so. Hedo is a bad rebounder/post defender and so while he is playing PF suns will continue to lose. While Warrick plays well on offense, he is too skinny for PF to defend well against decent and bigger post players.

The only realistic option is to trade some wing players for a PF to create minutes for the wing players that they deserve as well as minutes for the incoming PF. Now unless the FO has plans to wait until all signed free agents become available for trades and nothing gets done, then the suns need to go and sign a good 4. This will come at the expense of most likely J-Rich, Dudley and Childress. Turkoglu's contract is too bad to take on for other teams and so he will remain a Suns, and in this league, unless you're L.A trading with Memphis, you usually have to give a little to get a little. However, I don't see a trade coming during the season as the FO doesn't appear to want to break up the team and after all it has only been a handful of games.

                                                                        THE WORLD OF REALISM

I am as optimistic as the next fan (except for Scott Howard, his kindness and optimism just overpowers mine) but I can't see the suns winning more than 40 games without some more size. They will continue to get outrebounded and scored on in the paint game after game against good opponents, who we would meet in the playoffs if we even make them. Now to all of you who say we are going to be fine as we are playing sub .500 teams more regularly after this stretch and we played poorly against good teams, well thats great until we play them again in the playoffs. Don't see us beating Lakers again with a 3 point barrage 4 times if we play them. The suns cannot have a good season without added size and rebounded whcih we currently don't possess. Unless the FO sees a deal they can't pass up from teams looking to offload players with upcoming CBA, then we most likely won't make a move.

                                                          WHAT WOULD AN ARMCHAIR GM DO?

Jason Thompson has currently been shopped by Kings. I am unsure if they are looking for wings or an expiring contract (J-RIch) but we could hopefully trade for him, as he is a solid defender and rebounder, and a realistic target, as Nash said, there isn't a smorgus board of players we can pick up when we need and so if we can get an attainable player such as Thompson the Suns could benefit.

Does anyone else agree with at least part of this or is it just me? (be gentle it's my first post)

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