I am peeved, Peeved at my 3-0 record of watching Suns games being messed with by the Bobcats. Making me a lousy 3-1 when I am watching games on the lousy feeds, just hoping to see the brilliance of the Sun.

I am peeved about an Irrational rant post on the bright siders site. I am peeved about a lot of things right now.

I am peeved that I do not have a cat or any other Pet that I could speak to and more about my frustrations.

I am peeved that my Brother is a Laker/Kobe fan.

Peeved about the fact that he is not interested in the regular season games. Reason is that he feels that the Lakers are better than last year with their additions this off-season. And no one has improved as much as them this year. he just can't wait for the playoff-season to begin. Actually, he can't wait for the Finals to begin, because he feels the only REAL test for his team would come from the EAST, in the Final Showdown.

I am peeved that I have to hang on to every game, tit-bit of information and hang on to every word coming from the Suns/media, hoping to know where we are headed.

I am Peeved, that Steve Nash/Grant Hill seem no more closer to winning a ring.

But most of all, I am peeved because I am questioning the passion of our SUNS. Because, suddenly nothing makes sense. The world in not OK, and I desperately need it to be right.

And being the superior here (In my Own Peeved HEAD), I refuse to accept your (Suns Fans/Me) resignation at this point. No, you will not quit. Not on this team, not at this time. When you signed up to be a Suns fan, you signed up for the highs and the lows. For Life, and I refuse to accept your resignation, with or without rants, you are here for good.

I refuse to accept, that with this team as presently constructed, we cannot achieve the impossible. I refuse to accept that we are not the 'THE LITTLE TEAM THAT ALMOST DID'.

I refuse to accept the resignation of the Suns Organization. NO !!! you cannot Tank the season for a Draft Pick. NO you cannot possibly allow Steve Nash and Grant Hill to fade into the twilight without a chance.

NO you cannot let this season go adrift midway, because you are too SMALL.

Quoting Someone Famous Below :

'They think we cannot beat them. It will not be easy.
It will be a long job; it will be a terrible war; but in the end we shall march through terror to triumph.'
Yes, It's an 82 game Season. Yes, we still have to win 16 Games after that.
I BELIEVE !!! And I had to write this hoping that I am not Alone.
No Stats, No Playbooks, No Play By Play Analysis, No Effort. If anyone's seen my posts before, that's all I write.

JUST BALL, like we know you can !!!!
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