an open letter to Scott Howard-- Why So Many of Us Miss LOOUUUUU So Much

I saw your comment on how sick you are of hearing about how so many of us keep saying that we miss Lou.

Your reply to Beavis' comment, "I miss Lou," was:

"-9684086049860948603896850986 on Lou

So…so sick of hearing about Lou."

   I think what most of us miss is not Lou, per se, but that amazing presence that the bench had last year.  The starters would get things rolling and then when the other team's starters would begin to tire just a bit, bending over, hanging on their shorts, heads down a little, weary from the track meet that is PHX Suns' basketball, that BENCH would come in and Dragic would jolt things into an even higher gear, and LB (when healthy, or interested) would go lightning quick by the defenders, and Frye and Dudz would be popping the 3's in an absolute frenetic blitzkrieg of baskets, and when opponents would get caught up in the frenzy, and drive to the hoop, they would slam into the brickwall that was Lou Amundson.  Lou would dive and hustle and smack and keep the ball moving to all the on fire pieces and not demand his points or his minutes; he'd just go out  and barrel into people.

   We don't miss Lou because he was some basketball genius or some archetypal physical specimen or some awesome rebounding machine.  We miss Lou because he exemplified, or maybe personified the magical, cohesive second unit that, at times, would outplay other team's starters, and our starters as well.  We miss that avalanche coming off the bench to bury other teams who thought they had weathered the storm when our starters sat.

   Lou was kinda the lunchpail lynchpin that typified that group-- not the flashiest, nor the best, nor the swiftest, nor even the biggest of the bench.  Just a hard worker who threw his body around, and sacrificed it for the good of the guys.  He was like the gritty, greasy soul of that second unit.

   In other words, we don't miss Lou nearly as much as we miss last's bench, with its wild kamikaze kraziness, and  its 23 point barrages, and its reckless abandon at-- well, everything, offense, defense, transition, dirty work, etc.

   Dudz is outta whack, Frye's a starter, maybe Hedo should be coming off the bench, maybe Hak should be a starter, maybe Hak and Dragic will work beautifully together.  But since we haven't developed a consistent personality and rhythm with the starters, this year's bench doesn't have a consistent, persistent personality either.     

   'Course, I don't expect Scott to agree with any of this.  Can't have him agreeing to stuff all over the place.  The Bright Side wouldn't be nearly as bright if there weren't a buncha darkness behind it.  :)

Let's Go, Suns!!  Let's Go, Suns Bench!!

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