We are gonna be fine, just fine !!!!

I am not good at Numbers, I failed in Maths ONCE in my 8th Grade. That may have been due to my lack of focus more than anything else.

Anyways, I am now going to prove using Stats regarding Playing Time / Size and other factors that we are going to be just fine going forward.We are not SMALL and we do not deserve to be at the bottom of the current Rebounding HELL.

P.S. I am high on Suns Kool-Aid while writing this. So, please be kind for any Irrational observations

Holla if you hear me.

We have got Intangibles in Aces on this team. In the form of Chemistry / Depth and Veteran Leadership. These are what the name suggests, intangibles. They cannot be quantified / there can be no price on intangibles.

We have got a whole lot of willingness and drive in this team, as observed by The Turk taking on a new role he has never tried before, banging and putting his body on the line against tougher and better matched opponents at the PF spots. He has been willing to play against players like Tim Duncan / Lamar Odom / Dirk Nowitzki. Any other PF in the league and their back-ups have the tools to match or over-power him.

Willingness, as observed in the development of Frye as a low Post Defender against Centers who have skill sets, size Etc. He is over-matched but he is learning and surprisingly holding his own against those guys.

Willingness, as observed by The WarMachine going up against players bigger than him when rising for those High-Flying Dunks, without fear / hesitation or apprehension.

Again this willingness is unquantifiable like intangibles or maybe a part of intangibles. But that is not the point.

We are still the only team that boasts a complete second unit, which can change the complexion of the game. This is not a unit that plays garbage time OR no one guy is great, as in a Sixth Man of the Year Candidate like Manu / Terry / Crawford or others. It is a multiple headed beast with some players who could actually get a starting job in a few NBA Teams.

A few rules or details about how I have gone through Research :-

1) All Stats are based on All teams being healthy and I am only looking at the players who are presently contributing in Playing Time. Sorry, no Earl / Earl / Siler / Gani stats OR any other fringe stats.

2) I am Comparing the Suns to 06 Teams (04 West Teams and 02 East Teams) during my research. Below is the list and reasons :-

A) Lakers - NBA Champs from the West, any road to 'ship would likely have to go through them.

B) San Antonio Spurs - They are big, they are talented and they are always Dangerous. Let's not even talk about last Year's Sweep. This team is a different beast this year.

C) OKC - They have KD. 'Nuff Said.

D) Hornets - I was split up between the Hornets and Jazz on this one. But I had to place the Hornets in front because of a healthy Paul and a healthier record.

E) Celtics - Old or Smold, the Original Big three of the past 5 Years, with a severely mutant/mutated head in the form of Rondo. Most likely competition coming from the East.

F) Magic - If talented Size Matters, then this team would win year in and year out. If Talent matters, this team has the hops to reach the Finals EVERY year since the last 3-5 Years. Even though they have been there only ONCE. Talk about under-achieving.

Let's Go - Now I have taken every position, added the Positional Starter and Bench Player Heights and Averaged it out. Below is how we compare to MY Elite. There could be an argument that averaging out would alter the stats, but I am a simple man and if our strter is way shorter than the opponents we have the choice / capability t bring in a solid bench guy to match their height earlier, Eg. Increased Minutes for Warrick.



Position / Team SUNS



Center Rolo/Frye 6 15/16
Pau/By 7     
Blair/Split 6 12/16
Kristi/Colli 6 15/16
Oka/D Ander 6 15/16
Perk/Shaq 6 15/16
Howard/Gor 6 15/16
Power Forward Turk/War 6 13/16
Odom/Walt 6 12/16
Dunc/McD 6 13/16
Green/Ibaka 6 13/16
West/J-Smith 6 14/16
G-nett/Davis 6 13/16
Bass/R-And 6 12/16
Small Forward Hill/Dudz 6 10/16
Artest/Barn 6  9/16
Jeff/Bone 6 11/16
KD/Harden 6  9/16
Ariza/Thorn 6  8/16
Paul/Daniels 6  9/16
Lewis/Piet 6  9/16
Shooting Guard Rich/Chill 6  9/16
Kobe/Brown 6  7/16
Manu/J A 6  8/16
TheBo/Cook 6  8/16
Green/Jarett 6  4/16
Ray/Delonte 6  5/16
VC/jj 6  7/16
Point Guard Nash/Dra 6  5/16
Fish/Blake 6  3/16
Park/GHill 6  3/16
Russel/Eric 6  4/16
Paul/Banks 6  1/16
Rondo/Nate 5 15/16
Jam/Duhon 6  1/16


C - Less 1/16 - Tallest Lakers @ 7

PF - Less 1/16 - Tallest Hornets @ 6 14/16

SF - Less 1/16 - Tallest Spurs @ 6 11/16

SG - Tallest @ 6 9/16 - Closest Spurs & OKC Less 1/16

PG - Tallest @ 6 5/16 - Closest OKC Less 1/16


*** Some positional rotations may not be correct for the opposing teams like the Hornets / Magic / Celtics & OKC as I am not very familiar with their rotations. Let me know of any incorrections in the comments and I shall look into my research.

Point to be noted - When Healthy we are not as short as we are made  out to be. Our Current problem lies in the fact that we do not have 7Foot due to injury.

There shall be many arguments that My Positional rotations are not actual rotations during games. This is true and my counter-point is that we can change positions with teh best of them depending on how we wish to play them OR how we wish to exploit them.

Now, going forward. The Ideal scenario for any team would be to have one starter and a bench player for the same position, but this is not how all teams use their rotations, they all wish to exploit the opponents weaknesses.

Position by position, we are not weak in any position, but when teams like the Lakers use a frontline of Bynum / Pau / Odom we actually have the capability to counteract with  a frontline of Lopez/Frye/Warrick Or Turk, with ample spacing provided in the form of Frye's 3-Point Shot and Warrick's 30-40% fg Jumper

Our Rebounding has not been upto Standard as suggested by the -7.50 or so Rebounding Deferential. But I expect us to even out at a -3 or 3.5 as the season progresses & ROLO's Back.

Team Rebounding Averages/Game by player @ 36Min/PER

SUNS Rebound/36Min
LAKERS Rebound/36Min
SPURS Rebound/36Min
HORNETS Rebound/36Min
THUNDER Rebound/36Min
CELTICS Rebound/36Min
MAGIC Rebound/36Min
Robin Lopez 8.7
Pau Gasol 11.31
DeJuan Blair 12.12
Emaka Okafor 11.37
Nenad Kristic 6.94
Kendrick Perkins* 9.95
Dwight Howard 12.89
Channing Frye 6.53
Andrew Bynum* 9.83
Tiago Splitter 7.79
David Anderson 8.27
Nick Collison 6.99
Shaquile O'Neal* 10.31
Martin Gortat 11.22
Hedo Turkoglu 5.72
Lamar Odom 10.98
Tim Duncan 11.63
David West 7.22
Jeff Green 5.47
Kevin Garnett 9.96
Brandon Bass 8.87
Hakim Warrick 6.64
Luke Walton 2.88
Antonio McDyess 10.68
Jason Smith 7.24
Serge Ibaka 8.84
Glen Davis 5.98
Rashard Lewis 5.58
Grant Hill 6.1
Ron Artest 4.42
Richard Jefferson 4.07
Trevor Ariza 5.66
Kevin Durant 6.07
Paul Pierce 5.09
Q Richardson 7.33
Jared Dudley 5.69
Matt Barnes 9.29
Matt Bonner 6.08
Marcus Thornton 6.35
James Harden 4.52
Marquis Daniels 4.53
Mickael Pietrus 3.77
Jason Richardson 4.72
Kobe Bryant 6.57
Manu Ginobli 3.7
Willie Green 3.84
Thabo Sefolosha 5.85
Ray Allen 3.26
Vince Carter 4.09
Josh Childress 7.08
Shannon Brown 4.13
James Anderson 2.06
Jarett Jack 4.45
Daequan Cook 2.63
Delonte West 3.72
JJ Redick 2.24
Steve Nash 3.62
Derek Fisher 2.37
Tony Parker 3.54
Chris Paul 4.92
Russel Westbrook 4.85
Rajan Rondo 4.37
Jameer Nelson 3.54
Goran Dragic 3.6
Steve Blake 3.02
George Hill 4
Marcus Banks 1.54
Eric Maynor 4.05
Nate Robinson 2.72
Chris Duhon 2.54









Now, this is calculating 36Min/Player x 10 Players = 360 Min/Game, whereas we all know that we can

only have 5 Players for 48 Min. = 240Min/Game

I have used a formula to see the actual difference in total rebounds. Which Is

(Total Rebounds x 240)/360

Below are the Results :-

1) SPURS - 65.67 = 43.78

2) LAKERS - 64.80 = 43.20

3) MAGIC - 62.07 = 41.38

4) HORNETS - 60.86 = 40.57

5) CELTICS - 59.89 = 39.93

6) SUNS - 58.40 = 38.93

7) THUNDER - 56.21 = 37.47

Technically, we should be 4.85 Rebounds/Game behind the leading Spurs and 1 Rebound/Game behind

the Celtics.

This is not as bad as our current 7.5 Rebounding deferential shows.

And Lets not Forget, most teams have a high shooting % against us and we have a high

Shooting % against them, therefore the No. of rebounds to distribute is comparatively less.

All Tables have not been pasted correctly and I am not sure why I cannot paste them right.

Summaries of these tables have been mentioned for you to refer.


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