Could Gentry be unfairly scapegoated if we continue to struggle?

I know it's way too early for speculation (there's a post on the main page that surmises as much) , but i wanted to vocalise a thought and decided this was the best place to do it.

Note: This is not a post advocating the firing of Alvin Gentry, please don't criticise me in the comments for suggesting we fire Gentry because that isn't what i'm doing, in fact i'm doing the exact opposite of that.

Usually when a team struggles in a season there are a few avenues that team management can go down to try and improve on their mistakes.

1)  they can try and make a move to get better

2) the  moves made over the summer are considered, if it seems the GM made mistakes in building the team then they usually find themselves looking for a new job

3)if the moves seem sound, then the coach will be replaced to have a new voice in the lockeroom

Seriously: i don't want Gentry to go, if you only read up to here, assume i want him fired, then go straight to the comments and call me a d*ck then it's going to upset me.

4)they can make a move to get worse, trade away expensive talent, develop the young players, and aim for a high draft pick

5) They can keep the coach and system which doesn't fit any of their players, continue to place trust in the worst Gm in the league, only play their best player 24minutes a game, and sign some more point guards in the offseason (the minnesota timberwolves approach)

Seems simple right, you work down the list before you find the approach that works. Only with this team there's a few differences to the traditional approach.

1) Sure, you can make a trade but this early in the season you don't really know what you have yet (or what you need yet) and the guys you signed to possibly be valuable later on haven't proven their value yet. You can't trade Nash, Hill or Hedo (either because nobody wants them or out of good conscience and respect for your vets), the young guys don't really have any value, and the high scoring sg with the expiring contract (who should be a desirable commodity) might not be all that desirable after all.

2) You fire the GM for messing up your roster. Sure, you could, but why? Blanks wasn't around for most of the roster turnover this year (unless you count signing Garett Siler a major roster move) so giving him the boot would be counterproductive. I mean, you could chastise him for not trading for Carmelo Anthony or Chris Paul but it's a bit of a hollow reason to let him go. To add to the puzzle, the guy who led the charge on those free agent signings this summer? Robert Sarver, and it's not like he's going to sell the team (as much as some people would like it) as punishment to himself for picking up hedo turkoglu this summer and letting STAT go all empire state of mind on us.

3) Fire Gentry? Thats a ridiculous idea, he just signed a contract extension and took us to the western conference finals a year after missing the playoffs. Gentry should be the last guy who could be considered to blame for poor performances this year, i mean did you see how Dragic blossommed under him, how Robin Lopez became a legit player, these are all legit reasons to keep him around. But there are a couple of things working against him:

  • Blanks and Babby weren't around to see first hand what Gentry did for this team last year.
  • Gentry was in the co-pilots chair next to Sarver when he made those moves, we don't know how much input he had but he was definitely present.

I know it's way too early to mention this, i know the vast majority of you are going to see this as early season 3-4 panic, i know things will probably sort themselves out and this stuff will all go away in a few weeks, i know these things. I just wanted to vocalise my support for Gentry who's a great coach and really shouldn't become a scapegoat because of team deficiencies which are pretty much out of his control.

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