This team is like Crack. We'll always come back!

That's right. I said it. This team is like crack.

When our Suns are playing at their best, you can't help but find the style of play exciting. Who doesn't love watching them run up and down and score lots of buckets? It's this uptempo offense that still makes this team one of the most exciting teams in the league.

  • "He launches from 3... Splash!!"
  • "Another SPECTACULAR pass from Steve Nash!"
  • "He elevates and detonates!"

You just can't help but cheer for this team. There's this strange feeling of joy that they give you when they play well. When they're playing at their best, we start believing this team can win a championship and can take on anybody. That feeling of euphoria.... it's just so addicting, isn't it?

Now, jump!

Ah, but there's always a downside, isn't there? When this team plays poorly, they downright SUCK. I didn't know a Matt Carroll existed in the NBA until he played against this team. I mean, c'mon. Who is this guy who managed to put up 7 points against us? I know the Suns are all about making somebodies out of nobodies, but NOT WHEN IT COMES TO THE OPPOSING TEAM!!!

"Frustration" isn't strong enough to describe that feeling we get when we see our favorite team play like total sh*t. I'm sure half of the people who participate in the game threads suffer multiple heart attacks in just 1 game. For those who have panic disorders, supporting this team could be the death of you. After a stretch of some good wins against solid teams, this team will lose consecutive games in blowout fashion against weaker teams that will leave you shocked and pissed. This is a team that can be one of the best teams in the league one day and one of the worst another. It's tough to support teams like this because there's no stability. We're left feeling happy one day and sad another and eventually, we'll all get diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

So why? Why do we still support a team that has no established rhythm? Why go through all this TORTURE?!?!? Why, oh why?

I'll tell you why. It's because this team is like crack. We know it's not the best thing for us. We may never see a championship come to this team in this lifetime. We may end up in rebuilding mode for years to come. We may even end up *gulp* like the Clippers...

But we will not turn away. We CANNOT turn away. The addiction has already took hold of us. Both old fans and young, we've all become addicted to this team. I don't care if supporting this team is bad for me; I will ALWAYS support them. Even those who consider leaving always come back. You just can't help it. When this team wins, it brings us indescribable joy. It's a nice break from our regular lives, even if just for a second.

So even in times like this where there's so much uncertainty, take pride in the knowledge that when they win their next game, you'll be happy again. But until then, just accept that this is how it is. You've taken a dose of the crack that is Phoenix Suns basketball and you have no intention of quitting it ever again. Win or lose, you know there's no other team you'd rather follow.

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