Exact proposed minutes distribution

We have a surplus of players. Majority think we should not make a trade YET. We do not understand Gentry's rotations. Fine. In that case, let's work out our minutes distribution.

Fundamentally, there are 5 Positions in the NBA. I start of with this exercise by naming them, and classifying which Suns player in my opinion, is capable to play said position. I will also use assumptions which may contradict the general accepted positions of these players. For instance, if I choose to play Earl Clark as Center and Power Forward only, well then, let me be. For simplicity purposes, I do not consider match-ups (i.e. if we play the Grizzlies, we can't play Hedo as PF), back-to-backs (we should play Nash less on a B2B) or support of the other players on court (we can't play Warrick at SF if Hedo is PF). Based on that, here are players I deem, IMO, to be suitable to play the 5 basic positions (in no particular order of importance)


C -  Earl Barron, Robin Lopez, Channing Frye, Garrett Siller, (you'd be interested to know that Warrick is listed as C/F though I will NOT include him for obvious reasons)

PF - Hedo Turkoglu, Earl Clark, Gani Lawal, Josh Childress, Hakkim Warrick, Channing Frye

SF - Grant Hill, Hedo Turkoglu, Josh Childress, Jared Dudley

SG - Jason Richardson, Goran Dragic, Jared Dudley, Josh Childress

PG - Steve Nash, Goran Dragic


Next, I will classify how many minutes I want each of these players to occupy in each possession. For instance, while I may deem Josh Childress an acceptable PF, I don't expect him to log 30 minutes there for obvious reasons. List is as follows:


C - Robin Lopez (30 mins), Channing Frye (15 mins), Garrett Siller (3 mins)

PF - Hakkim Warrick (25 mins), Channing Frye (15 mins), Hedo Turkoglu (5 mins), Earl Clark (3 mins)

SF - Grant Hill (20 mins), Hedo Turkoglu (15 mins), Josh Childress (13 mins)

SG - Jason Richardson (25 mins), Jared Dudley (15 mins) - Josh Childress (8 mins)

PG - Steve Nash (25 mins), Goran Dragic (23 mins)


To summarize that, here is the list of minutes each person gets, in order of who gets the most minutes:

Robin Lopez - 30 mins

Channing Frye - 30 mins

Steve Nash - 25 mins

Hakkim Warrick - 25 mins

Jason Richardson - 25 mins

Goran Dragic - 23 mins

Josh Childress - 21 mins

Hedo Turkoglu - 20 mins

Grant Hill - 20 mins

Jared Dudley - 15 mins

Earl Clark - 3 mins

Garret Siller - 3 mins


As you can see, there is not enough minutes to go around. That is why I advocate a trade, getting 1 good player even if we have to give up to above average ones. But anyway, until then, this is my recommendation with regard to minutes. So please, any analysis or insight you can provide regarding my suggestion would be appreciated.


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