Allow Me to Introduce Myself


Greetings members of the BS of the S blog!  When I first joined a couple of days ago, my first move was to rosterbate, basically what anyone would do upon becoming a new member of something.  But that was unethical and just plain wrong.  What I should have done was properly introduce myself.   

Although my moniker is Nate_Sun 86, my real is Chris Auten.  I was born in Panama City, Panama in 1986, lived in Pennsylvania for 3 years after that, then moved to Arizona in 1989.  I've been living in the Phoenix area since 1997 and currently live in Central Phoenix just north of the downtown area.  But this is rather boring.  Without sounding too narcissistic, I would rather talk about my fanaticism of the team we come to know as the Phoenix Suns.  


I was first introduced to them in 1994.  It was game 7 against the Houston Rockets in the conference semifinals, in which the Suns lost 104-94.  I just remembered the score but did not realize that it was game 7 until I looked it up.  At the time, I did not realize the significance of this loss because at the time I was heavily into football.  It wasn't until a plucky Canadian playing for the Dallas Mavericks, that my affection for basketball started to grow.  It was from watching Steve Nash running that Maverick offense that basketball became my most favorite sport, not only to watch, but to play.  I kept tabs on the Suns, but not very closely, because I was keeping more track of Nash and the Mavs.  I will not say I was a Mavs fan, but more so of a Nash fan.  


I attended my first Suns game toward the end of the 03-04 season.  In fact I think it was their final home game.  They lost to Utah Jazz 98-94.  I have to say that I'm a numbers guy especially when it comes to final scores.  I can practically remember the final score of all the sporting events I have attended.  But enough about me.  Let's continue with my story.  Later that year I saw the Suns make a transaction that pushed me from being a casual Suns fan to a die-hard Suns fan - they signed Steve Nash.  


When I saw that, I immediately called my father, whom I credit as the one who got me to really love sports, and I said, "Dad, the Suns got Steve Nash.  They are going to be really good this year."  So we went to their home opener.  And several games after that.  While my Dad will forever be a Raider fan first, seeing my enthusiasm about the Suns really reinvigorated his love for basketball.  For the years following, up until his death, we spent a lot of time together, cheering their victories and upset at their losses.   


The 06-07 season, in my opinion was their best chance at a title and that series against the Spurs, although very entertaining from a basketball fan's viewpoint, will forever cement my despising the Spurs and my hatred for Robert Horry.  Things started to seemingly wind down, many were calling the Suns window for a title as being nearly shut, if not already closed.  Then came their exciting run last season, which, if I had been drifting away from them, certainly reeled me back in.  This season I ended up getting season tickets even though I knew Stoudemire was going to leave.  I figured that since the Suns are going to be back under the radar, they have a chance to surprise people even us fans.  And that's something I want to be a part of and see in person.


Many people are picking the Suns to be in the 6-8 seed range or not even in the playoffs at all.  I guess that's how I feel barring some sort of major personnel change.  Sure the days of seeing the Suns steamroll opponents on a nightly basis may be few and far between, and Suns chances for a title may have left when Amare and his max contract left for the Big Apple, but I will always remain a fan.  I can still remember the days of talking sports with my Father and attending Suns games and while those days are long gone and those Suns teams are no more those days will still have a special place in my heart.  Not only did I become a die-hard Suns fan, but I was able to spend some quality time with my Dad.  I guess the scope of my blog post went from biography to memoir.  Nevertheless I dedicate my first ever blog post to my Dad.   


I love you Dad and I do miss you.  



GO SUNS!!!!!!!!!

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