New Trade...after the Trade...

Okay, so I know that we just shook everything up, but I'm pretty sure we're not contending for a title the way our team is currently constituted.  So here is what I propose.

Phoenix gets Josh Smith and DeMarre Carroll

Atlanta gets Hasheem Thabeet and Hakim Warrick

Memphis gets Josh Childress and ORL 2011 1st Round Pick as well as a couple of 2nd rounders from Phoenix.

Why Phoenix does it: The Center position is awesome with Lopez and Gortat (and you can put Frye in there too) Small Forward is good for a couple of years with Hill, Pietrus, and Dudley.  SG is still exceptional with Carter and Dudley. PG could use a 3rd option, but for now Nash and Dragic are as solid a 1-2 PG set as there is in the NBA.  The biggest hole PHX needs to fill to compete for a title is PF.  Right now we have Channing Frye, who fits well in the Suns offensive system, bombing away at the 3 point line.  While that provides a great offensive option, we desperately need the strong lane cutting and finishing that STAT provided.  That's where Josh Smith comes in.  He is not as offensively polished as STAT is, but he provides a lot of the glue plays and cutting that Shawn Marion did successfully while Amare was riding the pine with an injury.  This gives PHX as defensive identity too.  Smith is a great weak side defender and has sticky hands to that will shrink interior passing lanes.  These stops will lead to more offense and a happier PHX basketball world.

Why Atlanta does it: They have to make a trade to ease next years salary cap.  Horford appears to be the better option at PF, but Smith forces him to play C.  Hasheem Thabeet can push Horford back to the PF and provide a lot of the defensive plays that Smith gave ATL.  Hakim Warrick gives them a good option off the bench for the PF slot as well on a very reasonable contract.  Most of this for ATL is getting their financial house in order after over-spending on Joe Johnson this summer.

Why Memphis does it: The same reason ATL has to make a move.  They want to keep Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph. Salary-wise Thabeet is the odd man out.  As it stands now, Thabeet is not a huge part of their rotation and adding Childress will give them a quality wing player to add to their depth. 


Please remember this is just an idea, and the overall goal is improving the Suns roster to the point where they could win a championship.  If you have a better idea please post it, but I think this trade works out for us.

What'd you guys think?

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