The JJ moment!

We've seen an enormous influx of trade ideas this past week, and I was guilty for par-taking in it. I don't there there was a single solid trade idea posted on here, and even I added to this filthy pile of sticky shit known as rosterbation. So, I want to apologize for my recently deleted rosterbation idea. I meant for it to be a joke, but I didn't realize how sad my sense of humor was/is.

Therefore, I have a semi-asinine idea that I would like to post. Now, I have had a bunch of time on my hands recently so I decided to start looking for a tradethat could net us a power forward and do so with reason. Then, Ron proposed an idea: Don't look for a prized power forward that is already well-established, but we should rather try our luck in younger power forwards. So that got me thinking, who could said young power forward be, and I decided that I should narrow my list to 10 guys within the realm of possibility. Let me tell you, this list still has some outrageous names in it. I decided that the cut-off age be 26, so to give the Suns a chance to enjoy said player's prime. So here goes: we have J.J Hickson, Glenn Davis, Anthony Randolph, Jeff Green, Serge Ibaka, Taj Gibson, James Johnson, Brandan Wright, Ekpe Udoh, and Darrell Arthur. Then I decided to narrow this list down to five guys that would be perfect for our system, and I honestly had a hard time assessing this, but essentially the five guys I picked were Hickson, Green, Ibaka, Davis, and Gibson. I chose these guys because they are more established than the others, and because the other five guys don't have as much compelling backgrounds. Guys like Javalee Mcgee, Demarcus Cousins, and Greg Monroe are not here because they are too valuable for their respective teams to give up.


After I narrowed the list to five I chose two guys that were realistic targets: I chose Gibson and Green. Gibson is more or less expendable with the enormous depth that the Bulls have up front, and Green is expendable because Ibaka is certainly the far better product and has way more potential. Tom Ziller summed this up over the summer about Green's contract situation, but I don't have a link to that article. Basically, Green is not a prized asset to the team going forward, because the Thunder are in serious need of height,rebounding, and defense. Green provides all of that and is a reliable scorer, but Ibaka has great tools and potential to do better than Green. I honestly think that Ibaka will some day be a star in this league. Now that I've gone about rambling and boring you half-way to death, here is what I propose. (Don't kill me for this, but, I honestly do think that under the correct circumstances, this trade would be enormous for both teams.) The Thunder trades Green and Royal Ivey(Filler-good defender, spot you minutes at the two and the three) for Jared Dudley, Garrett Siler, and Robin Lopez..


Why in the F*CK would the Suns do this you crazy bastard? Well, Green is a very reliable scorer, and in the beginning of the season, he was one of like 10 guys to have scored 20 in 15 consecutive games (or something :) ) I watch some Thunder basketball, and when the Thunder are really in need of scoring (Like when Durant and Westbrook are off the court) he is the guy they go to. He stretches the defense because he can make the three, he plays terrific defense, he knows how to rebound, and I like what  I have seen from him down on the low block. Essentially, if you remember Rashard Lewis on the Sonics, Green is a better version of that guy. Also, Green draws comparisons to Frye, and this could be the big dilemma in bringing him here., but here is what I think, Green would probably change his style of play  if he came to Phoenix.  Judging from what it says on his page on, the Thunder are not using Green correctly, but that is what happens when you play next to a guy like Kevin Durant and Russel Westbrook. That is one tasty description regardless, and if that guy comes to Phoenix I think he would make everyone happy. Consider this, Pace is a huge factor in a players production, so is usage rate. Now, OKC is borderline average in pace at thirteenth and are also Borderline average in Defensive rank at 18th, and are 8th in terms of offensive rank. This is essentially a  team that tries to mold two models into one-The Spurs and the Suns, and the results on the year have largely been a dissappointment.  All of the info in regards to pace can be viewed here at basketball reference.


Keeping pace, offensive, rating and defensive rating in mind consider that Durant and Westbrook make up the most prolific scoring duo in the entire league; Durant leads the league in ppg at 28.2  and Westbrook is thirteenth in ppgat 22 .4 and on the season the Thunder average 104.6 points a game. That means that Half of their offense comes from two guys, and kudos to those two guys for that. Anyway, the point that I am trying to get at here is Jeff Green will be playing at a faster pace and he would have the ball in his hands more often to make more things happen. Green is also an above average ball-handler and extremely lanky;combine that length to incredible perimeter skills and you have a great defender that can guard multiple positions.  In the description it says he wasn't very comfortable on the perimeter, and now nearly all of his shots come from the wing/three point line. He certainly has the tools to play down-low; this combination of skill and versatility is what made him the 5th pick in the draft three and a half years ago. His maturation process has been slowed because he plays next to one of the greatest players in the league, but he remains a class act and can be a vocal leader as well. I also would like to add that he knows how to take it to the rim, he is crafty with his post moves, unselfish, great passer and is a good athlete; all the qualities you would like in a player. I think that I have just about hyped you enough for this guy, but if all of my convincing talk isn't enough how about I show you a mix tape?


Give us Thunder fans a reason why we should part with our third best player? The Thunder are 16th in the league in rebounding securing 41.4 rpg a game, and allow 101.7 points per game, while allowing them to shot 47% from the field (9th worst); also, they rank 26th in blocks per game (A stat I-BLaka can help) and 17th in steals per game. Overall, the Thunder rank as average as a relative whole.  The Thunder don't need another wing presence because they have probably the best scorer on the perimeter/wing inthe new, modern age of basketball. They need to stack up points while denying other teams access there. Robin Lopez is a legit Center that IS a defensive force,  his nickname is the enforce for goodness sakes. He has a nice shooting touch and is an incredible ft shooter for a center. Did I mention that he is a fantastically incredible defender, while is not good at rebounding himself, inflates the rebounding statistics of others because he is in the possession of an NBA secret: asuper secret, mind-blowing, epic Ninja maneuver known as boxing out (GASP!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Women nearby faints.) He keeps other guys off the glass when boxing out, and the Thunder are 19th in the league in giving up 41 rebounds a game to the opposing team; meaning that the Thunder outrebounds teams by .4 boards a game. Now Rebounding does not correlate to winning but it does correlate to defense, which does correlate to winning.


The goal of basketball is to outscore the other team. Aiming to put 250 points a game while aiming to hold your opponent to 249 accomplishes that goal, but you want to have players that will help you reach your goal. A team needs to have guys that are capable of replacing the guys that you trust to score most of your points; the term given to these group of people is a bench. The Thunder not surprisingly have a very poor bench.Serge Ibaka being the main scorer on their second team, and Jared Dudley would be a fantastic chip. Thabo sefolosha is in the starting lineup because James Harden is technically being eased into the rotation. Dudley would replace Ibaka's scoring production once Serge enters the lineup and helps keep things balanced.  Also, he would motivate the second unite to hustle and shame them into working harder. The Thunder are 26th in bench production at  25.4 ppg. Also, You know that defense thing I was talking about? Dudley plays some of it and is fairly good at it. Great perimeter defense coupled with an even stronger inside defense equals an elite defense. These players would help reach the squads goal because they score and prevent the other team from scoring.  We know what Fropez can do and we know how injury prone he is. Luckily, the Thunder have like five backups for the center position (despite none of them truly being centers, and in Nenad'scase, good at playing the center position.) Dudley provides the intangibles the team loses with Green.


Parting comments. OKC: BothDudley and Robin space the floor well and provide the team with the hustle, heart, determination, grit, and leadership (Did I miss a cliche there?) Those words are cliches for a reason, because they apply to the basketball players that actually care about the game of basketball.  OKC has been disappointing to this point, and have had a tendency to let ONE player completely ruin them. We saw that when Grant baptised them with fire, but other guys that wrecked them include: Dirk, Amar'e, Eric Gordon, Bargnani, and Boozer, to name a few. In addition to that, they are 23rd in points in the paint at 34. 7 ppg.Furthermore they are 6th worst in giving up points in the paint. Everything that I have mentioned as weaknesses for the Thunder, Robin and Dudley  effectively improve that. The Thunder have an overwhelming advantage at home because of the rowdiness/intimidating nature of their fans. In order to take the next step they need to put the clamps down defensively.


Jeff Green is a team leader and provides intangibles. A POWER forward  he would be in Phoenix.  Thankfully, we have Gortat to replace Robin and is also a better rebounder. Jeff Green can take it to the rim, score on the perimeter, and his versatility would allow Gentry to utilize Green in a variety of situations that are favorable for this team, and because he is a good defender he becomes extremely valuable. The key of any trade is is either getting better or cap relief, and the Suns at this point in juncture are not in need of cap relief. Keeping that in mind, Jeff Green does make this team better. The team needs a power forward and they need someone who can guard the power forward slot. Opposing power forwards sh*t 24.7 points a game on the Suns. In case you didnt know, 24.7 points in this league is elite production if it were coming one player. In addition to giving up 24.7 ppg to opposing team PFs the Suns give up an atrocious 13.4 rpg. We make average power forwards look like freaking MVP candidates. A versatile player like Green, keeps opposing fours off the glass, and if needed, pull opposing fours away from the paint in order for Gortat to work his magic down low.

Lastly, I know I said about that Ibaka has the potential to be a better product that Green, I had not done the extensive research on Green. I always kept green in the lowest of regards because here was a number 5 pick and the Thunder lost the series against the Lakers because Green couldn't shoot fish in a barrell. Now, I'm not so sure. Ibaka probably has a chance of reaching his potential because his game is established, they know what he likes to do. Green was not a very good shooter upon entering the league, but after a ton of hard work he has literally transformed his gamed, and that probably for the worse. This Green kid has a ton of potential and right now I am not very convicned that he has reached it..


What  about the other guys? Fine. I'll address the other two guys. Royal Ivey is a solid defender that cannot shot and should not shoot. Drafted 39th by the Hawks, Ivey has been able to prolong his career by playing solid defense. He literally adds nothing else, but I think Gentry could find a way to utilize his defensive skills or we see him waived, either ay it doesnt matter, he is bad. I watched him bounce around the league and I know his game fairly well to know his value to this team. Siler spots homeless minutes at the center if brooks is desperate. He hustles and tries to his best but his best is terrible.


So there you have it, I actually don't think that was too bad? What say you?

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