Too Far-fetched?

Prepare yourselves for yet another trade idea.  I understand that you guys are getting really tired of these outlandish proposals, but they do serve as good threads and the discussions that result are very fun and engaging. Unlike some others on Bsots, I do my best to come up with trade ideas that are reasonable. This time I came up with something that might be a bit far-fetched, but could serve as a great trade for everybody involved. Until recently, I did not think of using draft picks and cash consideration in my trades because the trade machine does not let you do so. I think the draft picks here are the key in making this idea work.

I wanted to see what I could come up with if I used more than two teams. The results is a massive player swap, but I think each team is reasonably compensated. There is not much to analyze when I have not told you the idea so lets get right down to it, shall we? First off, this trade will only work by the trade deadline, because Carter may not be traded with anyone else until two months have passed. Keeping that in mind, I had to experiment with teams that have enormous contracts to see if this trade was even possible, and I assure you that it is. Anyway: The Houston Rockets receive Robin Lopez, Hakim Warrick, First Round Draft Pick of the Phoenix Suns and Hammed Haddadi, the Memphis Grizzlies receive Yao Ming, Josh Childress, Martell Webster, and one lottery protected first round picks from the New York Knicks (Via Houston), The Minnesota Timberwolves recieve Jared Dudley, Jordan Hill, Tony Allen, Vince Carter, Demmarre Carroll, The Orlando Magic first round pick, and Houston's first round pick, and the Phoenix Suns receive cash consideration,the other lottery protected from NY,  Zach Randolph and Michael Beasley. Wowza, I made a mess in my trousers rosterbating!


Lets start with the Grizzlies and their incentive. First off, we saw how well Michael Heisley handled Rudy Gay's free agency. Well, get ready for another catastrophe because both Gasol and Randolph hit the market this off-seson. Obviously, Gasol is the more desired player, and when they drafted him, the Grizzlies FO actually thought he was a Power Forward. So, trading Randolph gives you more leeway and Yao saves you 8 million dollars in cash. Heisley is probably having a heart attack with all of those bad contracts that he has inked, and Yao provides salvage. Webster and Childress would help out their miserable bench. Webster knows how to score and the Grizzlies need some help as O.J Mayo's funk has gotten worse. Childress provides scoring, rebounding and defense which is always useful. Both can be used in a variety of lineups that help Memphis give its starters some rest. Memphis' bench is fifth worst in terms of point production. Clearly, having Mayo score 14 points off your bench helps but you need depth to win in the NBA or your starters have to be championship calibre neither of which Memphis has.  Simply put, the Grizzlies are in a difficult situation right now in terms of their cap space, and this trade puts them in a win-win type situation. If Childress and Webster fail to produce, the Grizzlies can continue to improve through the draft. Either Randolph or Gasol is almost Assured to leave, so the Grizzlies should try and get something for them while they can.


But in all honesty, the success of this trade does not necessarily revolve around Childress or Webster, rather the key to this trade is Hasheem Thabeet. The reason he was drafted was because the Grizzlies thought that Gasol was a Forward and that the two could play well next to each other. Thabeet would get a chance to prove that he is worth the risk, but again those draft picks provide some needed insurance in case of failure. I don't know the path that the Grizzlies want to take, but, all things considered this team would be best served playing at a slower pace.  Without a solid, the Grizzlies are 9th in the league in terms of pace and their record is indicative of how poorly fit this team is to play upbeat. Gasol is a rugged defender, and his brother has shown that he plays better when the pace is slowed down.  If the team is to start Thabeet, it would be in their best interest to take advantage at one of the select few things that Thabeet is good at.  Cap Space, a solid bench, and draft picks are all the rage in the NBA, and the Grizzlies would be in a position to benefit from Randolph's expiring contract.


Next up, we have the Rockets. With Yao's career in jeopardy, the Rockets are in need of a solid center. Brad Miller is old and Chuck Hayes is 6'6, and Yao is getting paid 17.6 million dollars a year and the Rockets have a poorly structured team contract-wise. Robin fits with their all-out hustle to the end culture of the Rockets. We all remember how well Robin played alongside Amar'e? Well Scola provides at least a little bit of that. Robin would not be the focal point of an offense in Houston and he is best fit like that; he is at his best on put-backs, tip ins and scoring when other teams don't expect him to score. I think the Rockets would be more than happy to take on Hakim's contract to dump Yao's. The Rockets would have to give up their draft picks that they got from NY, but considering how well NY has played this year, don't expect them to be lottery picks anymore. Giving them Orlando's pick allows them to draft a back up center, or whatever they feel like they need to add to this team to make them a competitor. Also, the Rockets drafted Patrick Patterson over the summer and he would clash with Jordan Hill for minutes. Basically, Patterson is cheaper than Hill because Hill was chosen 8th overall, and that saves the Rockets a couple millions dollars, but overall, the key to this trade for Houston is Lopez.


They want to get rid of Jared Jeffries contract, but, when they can replace Yao with another big man, I'm sure they would shoot for that. Warrick can provide some minutes at four and a couple of highlight dunks. Rick Adelman prizes defensive schemes and as I said before, Robin would be perfect for them. He has the potential to improve his rebounding numbers and properly anchor this defense. Luckily for Houston, that draft pick provides them some insurance in case Robin's injury problems continue. Haddadi is just filler for the Rockets. Simple as that. There is not much to talk about here because the Rockets are still a good team that is looking to get better, and a trade for a defensive minded center hast he potential provide all of that.


This is where things can go potentially wrong. The Timberwolves have an idiot gm whose track record for trading and drafting has solidified his role as the NBA's class clown. Michael Beasley has established himself as a competent wing score that can rebound from time to time. He is pretty much like Carmelo Anthony.  He looks to score first and score more second and then he looks to pass if his shot is off.  However, he is not a very good rebounder (Melo is underrated as a rebounder) but he does try his best and so far this season he has looked very good. The only way the Suns can pry him from the T'wolves is by supplying them with solid fits for the Triangle and guys that can score. Luckily for them, the Suns have two guys that could flourish in the triangle.  Lets make a checklist of Laker players and compare the T'wolve players to them.  Like Derek Fisher he is not a true point guard, but he does know how to score, and the triangle does necessitate that you have an able scorer as your pg and one who understands the triangle well.  Check one. Next up, Vince Carter=Kobe Bryant. Carter is an underrated passer and looks for his teammates. He can score, but unlike Kobe, he won't shy away from the paint if he can. Kobe scores at will, but that sometimes hurts he team because they are not taking advantage of their size mismatches. If a team that can go point for point with kobe and keep the ball away from the paint, then such team has a higher chance of winning.  Check two.  This is where things get a bit tricky. The three spot requires a player that either understands the offense, can score with ease, knows when and how to pass within the offense, and most importantly can handle the ball from time to time. Michael Beasley is a horrid fit for the Triangle because he isn't much of a passer-the whole point of the triangle is ball movement and guys that can initiate, which is why Kobe has led the Lakers in assists per game. He draws double teams and passes out of them effectively, and it doesnt help to have the best passing big man in the game. For T'wolves I think the guy to play the three is Wes Johnson, because he is a streak shooter, can pass fairly well, plays good defense, is atheltic/good finisher and is a solid rebounder. Wes Johnson=Trevor Ariza. Lastly, both Kevin Love and Darko are excellent passers, and fit extremely well into the triangle.


Luckily for the T'wolves, Corey Brewer as well fits the Trevor Ariza role. Jared Dudley would immediately become the captain of this second unit and like Johnson and Brewer he too can fit the triangle. Dudley picks his spots on the offense and knows the right time to score. He would be perfect if the team intends to maintain the triangle because he is so smart and becomes a valuable locker room character.  Notice how much I mention defense and passing.  This allows for excellent ball movement to find the open guy, and Kevin Love creates so many opportunities with his rebounding, but the key for running the triangle lies with Darko Millicic. Scoring in the paint is a large part of this offense. You need to have players that are threats in the low post, and if Darko can continue to develop his post up game, then  the T'wolves could function pretty seamlessly.  The problem here is that Kevin Love is undersized and doesn't score all that efficiently in the low post. Thankfully, he is an insanely good jumpshooter and can score off of tip ins, and that helps in generating/initiating the offense. The prize pick up here is obviously Jordan Hill.  He is a pogo stick with an effective low post game. He rebounds fairly well and plays some solid defense. The key is play time. In NY, D'antoni clashed with him which eventually led to his exile. In Houston he has shown glimpses of how good he really can be. I'd love to have him as our Pf, but Hill is a chip that can be used to convince Kahn to give up Beasley. In fact, if used properly, he could play undersized at center and Flynn could orchestrate an up-beat offense with him in at Center. Tony Allen is a solid defender who can't shoot a lick. He could spot minutes at the two and slow the Kobe's of the league. And Demmarre Carroll could be used in the same way that the T'wolves could use Hill. Also, they have a lottery pick this season, and gains a couple of more picks to structure the team around Love.


Carter gives the team the scoring lost by letting go of Beasley and his dribble penetration could cause problems for others teams if they improve the shooters around him. Like I said above, the players coming into Minnesota are great fits for the triangle and with Carter's contract, it stills gives them cap flexibility. Essentially, Carter is the ultimate stop gap solution until they resolve their starting two guard bind. Until then, the T'wolves can work to the advantages created by the Triangle to score with relative ease, and if they can improve, to hopefully draw Rubio's interest in coming to Minny. Also, if Flynn does get traded, Ridnour is a better shooter and passer than Flynn so it wouldn't make that big of a difference.


Now for the analysis you have been waiting for- Zach Randolph and Michael Beasley for Carter, Dudley, Lopez, Warrick, and Childress.  We lose our first round picks, but we do get  nice, young up and coming player. Randolph has been playing extremely well since coming to Memphis. No longer does he control the tempo by not outletting and he plays some defense from time to time. For one, he rebounds very well, and knows how to run on the pick and roll. He can hit the occasional three and because of his unorthodox play, most fours are not quite sure how to guard him. He is a double-double machine and has had 3 20 20 games this season alone. He is mobile and urns the floor very well. Frye shifts back into his spot on the bench and the rotation would finally be stabilized. We dump Warrick and get another first round pick. At worst, Randolph is a stop gap option until Lawal or someone else steps up, and a damn good stopgap at that. A great inside presence and a go-to option in the flow of the offense, and like Amar'e he can hit that midrange jumpshot, great for spacing the floor. He is actually pretty solid defending fours because he is so big and has active hands.


But enough about Randolph, I know you want to hear about Beasley. An incredible scorer that is ambidextrous, versatile, and a solid defender.  He is quite the athlete and can finish at the rim as well as drain the three. The spacing he creates again is a huge key, but he can also post up a little; which will allow him to play alongside Frye. In addition, his athleticism makes him a good guy to run the pick and role with. His long arms make him a good defender, and over time, I expect him to become a better rebounder because he is actually tall for a small forward. Consistency and reliability are what makes Grant Hill so effective-you know what he is going to give you. Same goes for Beasley. If they play to his strengths in the offense, then you can expect him to immediately to become the focal point of the second unit. Which helps Dragic out because tDragic has been struggling with the inconsistent roster that he has been dealt with this season. Having a guy who would get consistent minutes helps dragic initiate the offense, and trust is a key part in defensive schemes, as well as maintaining an offensive flow.


Randolph can play center for stretches and his combination of unorthodoxy and ability to hit jumpshots make him a mismatch there. Considering mobility, the suns have a small-ball lineup that they can run and run effectively. Beasley can play both forward slots and his explosiveness make him a threat either way.


So there you have it folks!

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