Are We Finally Growing BIG - Thank you Mr Barron

Am I going Crazy ???

What have the Suns done these last 2 games and Why ???

I Scoffed and rebuked some earlier post stating that Earl Barron could be a viable option before the trade happened.

After the trade, I was resigned to the fact that we have a Jarron Collins in our line-up in case Frye/Warrick/Turk get in Foul trouble. Which was pretty consistently happening to Turk because of the mismatch / skillset issue.

Hats Off to the one that saw it could work ......

This guy is no Jarron Collins. He has effort / more speed (Ok, I agree, if Collins was a Snail / Barron would be a tortoise) and he is willing to put his body on the line.

He is like that real In-expensive piece of clothing accessory that you are not sure could be of any use in your wardrobe, but now that you have worn it once or twice, its a permanent fixture in your accessories. Let's hope that is not the case

Something like a Straw Hat, for instance. It further helps because it hides the Bald Spot.

Anyways, with Barron in the line-up and giving good effort on the defensive end, we can now breathe a sigh of relief.

I am pleasantly surprised by his play and happy that the the team find itself in a new problem.

Old Problem, Which one of our SF's could play PF for extended minutes.

New Problem - How do we find sufficient time for all our SF's ???

Earl Barron has proved himself to be a capable back-up Defensive C/PF after these last 2 Performances and now we just have to wait the return of ROLO.

Then we can be truly big and the coach can really play the mismatches, chess game on the frontline.

We got ROLO / Frye / Barron / Warrick - And the 96 Min/game for these positions can be easily split between the 4. ROLO is the only True C (Skill Sets / Size Wise) and Warrick would be the only true PF(We cannot expect him to play C, he is a stretch SF anyways). In future, we can have the following Frontlines

ROLO / Frye

Rolo / Warrick

Frye / Warrick

Frye / Barron

Frye will figure prominently in all these because of his renewed defensive focus and 3-Point spacing..

I have already discarded ROLO / Barron for purposes of off efficiency and spacing &

Barron / Warrick will not be doing any defensive wonders/damage.

This is truly a nice problem to have (Rest J-Chill until his Finger heals - Rest Grant so he is fresh.

We got J-Rich / Dragic / J-chill that can play the 2

Grant / Turk / Dudley that can play the 3

I would really like Dargic to play some 2, so that he can extend his minutes and pad his stats a bit playing with Nash.

I am also owning up to my mistake that Frye would not be suitable playing the 4 alongside ROLO. He seems to be doing it well with Collins, OH Barron and there is no reason to believe that he would not be able to do the same with ROLO, with BETTER Effect.


Ohhh, I am a Happy Chimp today.....

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