Is this right Path ???

After the Wizards game the Coach said,

"I am not sure if we are ever going to have like a set rotation or anything like that with this group. I think it’s going to be somebody every night that might step up.”

We all agree that we have a good roster that is full of players that can turn it on and turn the tide in our favor for short OR long stretches.

We've got Steve / J-Rich that can turn it on offensively and could also give us 30+Pts some nights.

We've got Grant / Dudz / Chill / Clark taht can help guard the offensive threats for short and long stretches.

We've got Goran / Hedo / Warrick that can light the Scoreboard all Christmassy for short stretches.(8-12 Minutes bursts of High Voltage Action)

The Coach has come to the conclusion and is resigned to the fact that finding the Hot Hand from his 12 rotation players is the best that he can do. He cannot have a set rotation, with specific game plans.

Meaning, that we will be adjusting on the fly for every game. Meaning, we will always have games where we are down during the first half or Quarter by a few until the Coach gets the recipe right. And there are going to be nights where the recipe is awfully wrong.

Is this too much to ask of the coach to get it right day-in and day-out ? Is it too much to ask of the players, not knowing how much PT they shall receive.

There will be many days that Frye will be incompetent on the floor against tougher match-ups and coach might get the corrrect guy on the floor too late to help us win.


It's something like experimental cooking we are talking about. And talking about cooking. Let's figure out names for our beloved Suns based on Spices

Steve Nash - Parsley - the underwhelming herb — even being shunned as too pedestrian or old-fashioned for modern palates. Chopped and added at the last moment, it perks up sauces and salads.

Perks up every player he has played with. Being shunned by the critics but still going strong. Labeled Old compared to the slew of new/younger and shinier PG's in the league

J-Rich - Cayenne Pepper -

Dusty but slightly aromatic.
Flavour: Hot, pungent and biting, although not as powerful as the hotter chillies.

Oh Yes, he's Hot and Spicy. He's has upped his game in the absence of Amare but he is still not the Kobe/Wade kind of player.

G-Hill - All Spice - (Bouquet: pungent and aromatic, like a combination of nutmeg, clove , ginger and cinnamon.
Flavour: warm and sweetly pungent like the combination described above with peppery overtones)

An Ode to his competitive spirit and willingness to adapt. Hill is names ALLSPICE.

C-Frye - Fenugreek - Warm and penetrating, becoming more pronounced when the seeds are roasted. Ground, they give off a ‘spicy’ smell,

Plays at the 3 Point line and his play is most visible from there (Just like when the spice is roasted). But has started to give the spicy smell in the post on both sides of the floor.(Grounded - gives spicy smell)

Earl Barron - Ginger - Fiery and pungent

Proving to be a fiery rebounder and scrappy player. Pungent when playing on the offensive side of the ball.

Goran Dragic- Garlic -

Sharp and acrid. The powerful oniony flavour can easily become overpowering if used to excess

This I cannot explain.

Jared Dudley - (Curry Leaf)(Kari leaf is very fragrant when used fresh, but it loses its flavor intensity when dried.

the fresh leaf has a spicy, strong piney-lemony aroma, and a slightly tangerine peel-like taste.

Just like his loss of intensity since he's lost weight. The Old Dudley was a DUDE. Spicy / Strong flavored.

J-Chill - Bouquet: strong, perfumed odor.
Flavour: flowery, slightly bitter and astringent

We are expecting a lot from him. Flashes of his game we have seen are the strong perfumed odor. but with is finger still on the mend, he seems weak (like a flower) and leaving a slightly bitter taste behind.

Hedo Turk - Mint

Spearmint and peppermint: aromatic and fresh. Flavour: Spearmint is generally a sweet flavour imparting a cool sensation to the mouth

Cool, under pressure. love the clutch shots he is taking for the team.

Warrick - Basil -  refreshing, clove and anise-like aroma conjures up memories of summer

Just like he reminds us of the Apostrophed one.

Earl Clark - Ajowon (tasting bitingly hot and bitter, leaving the tongue numb for a while)

Earl Oh Earl !!!!! Just like we feel after some plays made by Earl. NUMB !!!!! Hopefully, next year the opposition shall feel the same about him.

Ro Lo - Tamarind - sweet, sour, fruity aroma and taste.

Sweet when he was on a roll. Sour when he is sidelined by injury and fruity in the head. That's RoLo for us.


Let me know your ideas on this one in the comments.

Sugar / Spice and everything nice.

Now look what you've made me do. Humphhhhh

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