Suns Killers

I wanted to take a look at some regular season Suns killers  from each team.  I'm sure some of  you will disagree with my list and maybe some trolls will disagree with me for not including their favorite players. A troll's opinion is not welcome in this fan post. Now some of these haven't played a whole lot against the Suns but when they did, they scored a lot (or more than they usually do).

I demand you listen to this song while reading this post .

I'm listing the players based when where they are playing now. Not where they played in their prime.

Suns killers after the jump.

Boston Celtics

Paul Pierce:  25.9 pts/game highest Avg vs any team.

Shaquille O'neal: 25.3 pts/game his 4th highest Avg against any team. 11.4 rebounds third against any team


Toronto Raptors

Andrea Bargnani: Averages 17.9 points a game vs PHX. His highest scoring avg against any team.

Peja Stojakovic: Shoots 43% 3pt shooting against the Suns. His 4th best 3PT% vs any team. He also averages 17.8 pts/game vs the Suns.


Philadelphia 76ers:  

Andre Igoudala: Averages 17.6 pts/game which is his 2nd highest vs any team on 51.4% shooting.

Mareese Speights (4 games) 14.0 pts/game on 64% shooting both highest vs any team.


Chicago Bulls

Derrick Rose:  26.8 pts/game on 56% shooting along with 6 rebounds per game. All highest against any team.

Loul Deng:  19.6 points a game is his most against any team. He also grabs 7.8 rebounds/game, his 2nd most.

Kurt Thomas: Only averages double figures against 3 teams. One of them the Suns at 10.4 (2nd most).


Milwaukee Bucks

Carlos Delfino:  Whaa??  Suns are the only team he averages double figures against at 11 pts/game. He also grabbes 6.4 boards which is his most against any team. 


Cleveland Cavaliers 

Mo Williams: Averages 16 pts a game, 2nd most against any team on an absurd 52.1 3pt%.

Anthony Parker: Averages 12.1 points/game (his highest avg) on 51.2 fg% 46.2 3pt% and 92.9 ft%


Detroit Pistons

Ben Gordon:  22.9 pts (highest) on 48 fg% and 44.6 3pt%


Orlando Magic

Vince Carter: Averages 25.9 points/game, his highest against any team.


Charlotte Bobcats

Boris Diaw: Averages 14.3 pts/game, by far his highest against any team on almost 60 FG% 47.4 3pt% along with 6 rebounds and 4 assists.


San Antonio Spurs

Tim Duncan: 22.5 pts/game (highest) 12.4 rebs 3.7 offensive rebs (highest)


Dallas Mavericks

Jason Terry: 18 pts (third highest) with good shooting numbers.

Caron Butler: 19.6 (2nd highest). Caron has never blocked a shot against the Suns.

Tyson Chandler: 11.1 pts/game, his highest vs any team on 62.6 % shooting along with 4 off rebounds/game.

Jason Kidd: 15.4 pts/game (highest) along with 7 rebs and 9 ast.


Memphis Grizzlies 

Rudy Gay: 20.7 pts. (3rd highest) Career Avg is 17.7 pts/game.

Zach Randolph: 18 and 10. Has better career numbers against other teams



Houston Rockets

Aaron Brooks: 18.4 pts (highest) along with 48 3pt%.

Shane Battier: 11.4 (highest) 5.9 rebs (highest).


Utah Jazz

Al Jefferson: Averages more than 20 pts/game against only two teams. One of them are the Suns at 21.1 (highest) along with 11.3 rebs (highest).


Oklahoma City Thunder

Kevin Durant: 26.6 pts/game. Has higher scoring avgs vs other teams. 

Russel Westbrook: Averages 19 pts, 5.3 rebs and 7.5 assts. He also shoots 66.7 3pt%.


Denver Nuggets

JR Smith: 16.2 pts/game (highest) along with 43.6 3pt%.


Portland Trail Blazers

Rudy Fernandez: Averages 10 pts/game and shoots much better than his career avg at 51 fg% and 46 3pt% in the regular season.

Marcus Camby: Averages 12.5 pts (highest) 11 boards and 2.6 blocks.


Los Angeles Lakers

Lamar Odom: 16.1 pts/game (3rd highest). The Suns are one of only three teams he averages 10+ rebs at 10.6 (2nd highest).

Steve Blake: 10 pts a game (3rd highest) 48.7 3pt%.

I didn't include Kobe Bryant because his career averages are almost exactly the same as his averages vs the Suns. He averages 25.7 pts/game vs the Suns.

Sacramento Kings

Carl Landry: 17.4 pts/game (highest) on 59.5% shooting. 7 rebs/game (2nd highest). 

Francisco Garcia 13.8 (by far his highest vs any team) on 49.4 fg% and 41 3pt%.


Miami Heat 

Lebron James:  29.7 and 7 ast

Dwayne Wade: 28 5.5 and 7 ast

Ru Paul: 23 and 10 against the suns. Career average is 20 and 9.



New York Knicks:

Roger Mason: 12.0 pts/game (2nd highest). Hits 2.5 threes per game as well.


Jason Richardson: 23.1 against GSW is his highest against any team second highest are the Nets.

Steve Nash:  19.7 pts/game on 55.2 Fg% and 54.8 3pt% playing against the Bucks. Fear the Nash.

Grant Hill: 21.6, 6 rebounds and 5 assists playing against the Clippers.

Hakim Warrick: Averaged 13.3 points and 6.4 rebounds against Phoenix. Both are his highs against any team. I guess that's why we signed him.

Channing Frye: 12.7 points and 5.9 rebounds vs the Cavs.

Hedo Turkoglu: 15.6 pts/game vs Charlotte.

Goran Dragic: 9.7 pts/game vs Memphis.

Jared Dudley: 10.3 pts/game on 51.1 fg% and 68.2(!) 3pt% vs Kansas City.

Josh Childress: 14.2 vs MIL along with 5 boards.

Robin Lopez:  11.5 vs Chi on 69.2 fg shooting.

Earl Barron: 14 and 5.5 vs DAL on 61% shooting. We have a game against Dallas coming up. BLOOOUUU.

Earl Clark: 10.5 pts and 4.5 rebs vs ORL on 60%.






























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