Eatting Ur Cake And Having It Back vs Eatting It And Buying Another One

The Suns as team is built for offense which would win games (on a good day), but the NBA season is a very long one and hence, there will be a lot of ups and downs.One thing with most of our guys is lack of D.Nash (who happens to be my favourite player) plays relatively ZERO D, same for Amar'e, Barbosa etc, JRich is too incosistent. Thatleaves us with Dragic as the only source of D in the backcourt. Our frontcourt though better than the frontcourt (as far as D is concerned) is not good enough by NBA contender standards, With a weak Channing Frye, improving (but young) Robin Lopez and Amar'e Stou_emire (get it? no D), with our only Lou AmunDDDson among our bigs with some D in him. Yes, our SFs are all good with D, but that isn't good enough. Good offense has its off days which occurs more often than off days on D. That said, we need defensive players who are not a liability on the Offensive end, especially in the backcourt and Iggy gives us just that along side a strong (overpaid) defensive PF/C whose offense is actually better than most people give him credit for and better than RoLo's (i like Lopez though).


That brings me to the cake take (i know u've been waiting for it). We could actually workout something in the offseason with Amar'e to resign him after he opts out (with Philly, which is what they want). That would require us giving Philly JRich alongside Amar'e for Iggy, Dal and Pick (+/- Speight). We then would have a salary cap of 55mil before the Draft day, with 10 players on the Roster.Resigning Amar'e for say 4 yrs 65mil (17 for the 2010-2011 season) puts us at 72mil, which would be in luxury region (with 11 players). Resigning Lou and drafting a player for a combination of 4mil puts us at 76mil (with 13 players). We could then trade Dal for a good wing player who makes less (this is easily achievable as he would be an expiring contract)This is a long (and expensive) shot which would make us a top 3 team for the 2010-2011 season. The money is worth the quest.

Of course, we'd have to start the talk with Amar'e right now (there is a 70% chance he would say yes to this), dealling better with Philly for them to take JRich, which i believe they would take if only Kerr makes a better negotiation (they need to save money bad don't they? and have no serious expiring contract).

These trade-signing give or take a few gives us lineups and results of;


Nash/Dragic - Iggy/LB - Hill/Dudley/Cark - Frye/Lou - Dal/Lopez (plus Collin and Griffin)



Nash/Dragic - Iggy (or the Wing Player)/LB - Hill (or Iggy)/Dudley/Clark - Amar'e/Lou - Lopez/Frye (plus the draft pick)



Nash/Dragic - Iggy - Clark/Dudley - Amar'e/Lou - Lopez/Frye


On the other hand, we could trade with Heats (Amar'e + JRich) for Beasley (not really big on him), O'Neal and draft pick, trade O'neal to Philly for Iggy and Dal. We get a 15-7 PF to replace Amare, Iggy to replace JRich, Dal for shot blocking, rebound and paint presence as well as a draft pick

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