Phoenix Suns: The Home Stretch!

Well Folks it's mid march and we're in the middle of a usual western conference home stretch battle. Lets take a look at our remaining schedule as well at our foes remaining schedule and try to get a sense of where we'll finish. I'm not sure if any of you have taken a look at our remaining schedule but It's a DOOZEY to say the least. Don't judge me for saying DOOZEY....I've never said it before but I decided to take a walk on the danger side and give it a try.


Anyways...back to the schedule. 


March 16: vs Minnesota (14-53) W
March 19: vs Utah (42-24) M
March 21: vs Portland (41-28) M
March 22: AT Golden State (18-47) W
March 26: vs New York (23-43) W
March 28: AT Minnesota (14-53) W
March 30: AT Chicago (31-34) W
March 31: AT New Jersey (7-59 The Lopezapooloza...I'm on a friggin' role here, seriously.) W
April 2: AT Detroit (23-43) W
April 3: AT Milwaukee (36-29) M
April 7: vs San Antonio (39-25) M
April 9: AT Oklahoma City (41-24) M
April 11: vs Houston (33-31) M
April 13: vs Denver (45-21) M
April 14: AT Utah (42-24) M
Combined Record: 452-538

7 For Sure Wins, 8 Maybes

Legend : W=Win M=Maybe

As you can see that isn't tough looking but playing Minnesota twice and New Jersey has to do with it. To the right of the record I have put a predicted win or maybe based on hours and hours of scientifical mathematics, red bulls and edamacated guessing. 


Basically what I'm saying is despite our long home stand we have a schedule that is going to KICK our ass. We have two crucial games against Utah along with games against SA, OKC, and Portland all of which are seperated by a measly 2.5 games...I didn't count Denver since I'd pretty much rule them out of reach. So,  what do you guys(Or sexy ladies out there...Do we any sexy ladies on this site..If we do and you are single just know that I love you...I also loved the married ones but in a different forbidden lust kind of way.) think? I'd say we would be LUCKY to win 10 games. 


Now, lets take a look at our four biggest threats...Utah, OKC, SA, and Portland


Oklahoma City Remaining Schedule:
Utah Remaining Schedule:
San Antonio Remaining Schedule:
Portland Remaining Scehdule:


Opponents projected record based on total guessing: 

Oklahoma City: 7 Wins 10 Maybes
Utah: 11 Wins 5 Maybes
San Antonio: 5 Wins 13 Maybes...I marked Phoenix down as a maybe just because Tony Parker is out.
Portland: 5 Wins 8 Maybes


Did this post help your confusion or just make you more confused? I'd say outside of Utah we have the easiest schedule and I'm saying that lightly. It all depends on Nash's Back, Barbosa's reintroduction into the offense and our now in question center position. I'd say at the ABSOLUTE best we can get a fifth seed, our worst being the seventh seed. 


What do you guys think? What's our ceiling and what's our bottom? How do you like your chances and who do you think is the best play off match up? Either way we're not getting home court advantage unless D-Williams blows up...Who would you rather play on the road...Utah, Dallas, or Denver? 


Watch out....It's the symbiote STEVE NASH!!!!!



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