The Phoenix Suns As It (was,) Is And Could Be (Part I)

We will be taking a look at our team "The Phoenix Suns" an what we were, are and can be.

Every fan always want to know exactly how ggod their team is and the Phoenix Suns' fans are not excluded. So, Just how good is our Phoenix Suns?

The course of the season has shown us what kind of team we are, and according to what Alvin Gentry said, "This is who we are" (or something like that), and what is that? An "Inconsistent" team that will play well just to lose when you least expect them to. This has happened over and over again, even during our 14-3 run and the present run as well. The losses to Utah and San Antonio say the same thing; the Suns are a horrible team when games are close 2-4 minutes to the end of the fourth quater. Having followed the Suns for close to a decade (yes, i haven't suffered for that long), i think we have lost more than 90% of games  we've played where we have been down 1-4 points with 2-4 minutes to the end of the game. This i believe is as a result os lack of mental toughness in our players. You don't neccesarily have to have a Kobe, Lebron or Wade who (all put up buzzer-beating shots to tie or win the game), 2-4 minutes is enough to turn  games around for teams, but not the Suns, that is when a player who has tried 7 3-pointers and has missed them all decides to try another one which he of course misses leading to the opponent scoring another point to extend the lead, players start turning the ball over enroute just another loss. It is really difficult to not Hate the Suns sometimes.

Yes, the team is has many good players (for the first 45 minutes of the game), but just how good are they, at least there a team is made up of players, meaning that the kind players shows the kind of team. Here is the Suns team as they are presently;
Steve Nash What is there to say? Great point guard (future Hall of Fame guy), probably the best assistter in history. Well, you know it all. Scoring: great Assist: great Rebounding: very low (well, he is small) Offense: great Defence: His defense is probably the worst i've ever seen, it seems he has no defensive instinct whatsoever(Yes, he is my favourite player) Consistence: very good Crunch Game: very low (for a player with his abilities) Mental Toughness: low future prospect: zero to negative (decline)
Jason Richardson Probably the most streaky player in the league. On good days, he sinks 3s, throws down crazy dunks and provides defensive cover. Scoring: good Assist:? Rebounding:good Offense:good Defense:average Consistence:poor Crunch Game:poor Mental Toughness:low Future Prospect: zero
Grant Hill Good veteran teammate with a good level of defensive and offensive game (though his old legs restrict his able mind) Scoring: good, especially of late Assist: good Rebounding:good (though has dropped after the first 20 games or so) Offense: good Defense: good Consistence: well... Crunch Game: nil Mental Toughness: average Future Prospect: zero
Amar'e Stoudemire A very strong and athletic PF with an A-rank offensive game but plays no defense whatsoever Scoring: check, check, check Assist: well... Rebounding: good (should be better giving his abilities) Offense: very good Defense: zero (may be less than that) Consistence: good Crunch Game: never have i seen one from him Mental Toughness: poor Future Prospect: in doubt (though could still be very good, bit no expected to drop his game at least for now)
Robin Lopez The twin of a really good young center (Brook) who presently is showing he could be good himself. A good shot blocker and defensive big man Scoring: up and down Assist: um!... Rebounding: good but should be better Offense: at least we know he can score Defense: better than average Consistence:fairly consistent Crunch Game: very low (turns the ball over a lot under pressure) Mental Toughness: well, he is young Future Prospect: good
Goran Dragic Probably the component making the Suns click right now. You want to know why? Who runs the second team? How many point guards can come off the bench and drop 6-8-10 assists in 20 minutes or less? He is by far the most promising Sun at the moment Scoring: he has shown he can really score when needed to score Assist: good Rebounding: not bad Offense: good Defense: very good Consistence: very consistent except from that 0 point game against the Clippers (who is checking anyway) Crunch Game: hasn't really been put in the position where he is required to do so Mental Toughness: very good Future Prospect: very bright
Leandro Barbosa The blur is one of the fastest players in the NBA with a very powerful offensive game Scoring: very good Assist: not sure Rebounding: well... Offense: very good Defense: H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E Consistence: fairly consistent Crunch Game: - Mental Toughness: good Future Prospect:not sure
Jared Dudley A very dedicated player who does all the little thing Scoring: not bad Assist: plays his part Rebounding: good Offense: not bad Defense: very good Consistence: good Crunch Game: not much to say Mental Toughness:good Future Prospect:about the same as he is right now (so, i'll say zero)
Louis Amundson A defensive power house with a lot of hustle but very bad offence Scoring: hell bad Assist: what? Rebounding: very good Offense: giggle Defense: very good Consistence: yes Crunch Game: at least he'll hold them from scoring as well Mental Toughness: good Future Prospect: i don't see any increase in his game
Channing Frye A small forward in a center's body. Does other guys job well but sucks at his. Helps the Suns with his shooting but besides that, he his a cheer-leader on the court Scoring:he's got that down Assist: fair Rebounding: should be doing better Offense: good Defense: God help us Consistence: very inconsistent (though, when his shots are not going in, he maintains that) Crunch Game: nada Mental Toughness: zero Future Prospect: zero
Earl Clark I can't seem to put my finger on anything, though it seems he can defend. Well, he was drafted by the guys who drafted Dragic and Lopez
Taylor Griffin Isn't he a Cheer-leader?
Jarron Collins Who?
With this team, we can beat anyone except (in the west) Lakers, Mavericks, Spurs, (and in the east) Cavs and Celtics, this means the Suns as it is can never win a championship unless; 1) those teams get knocked out and we don't get to meet them 2) the suffer some great injury problem 3) we have an invincible sixth player
So, does that mean we are doomed? What can be done to remedy this? How far are we away from a championship? We'll see that in part II

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