Western Conference Playoff Report: April 8th

The only true surprise of last night was the Jazz falling to the Rockets, but even that isn't a huge shock since they were going on the road on the second end of a back to back - where the first game was a 140-139 OT thriller. The Suns win seems to have officially split the West into two races (2-5 and 6-8) with the bottom three teams sitting 3 games behind the 2-5 teams with only 4 to play (or 2.5 games back of Utah). Just assume the last 4 games of the season are going to be like playoff games for all 7 teams jockeying for position. Should be a helluva ride.

Wednesday April 7th Western Conference Results:

Houston Rockets 113 Utah Jazz 96 (Recap) - I suppose you can call this a karma pay back for the blown call that gifted the Jazz a win over OKC the night before. In a game where the Jazz were playing for everything and the Rockets were playing for...Rick Adelman's 900th win (that's a thing right?) - Houston punished Utah behind 28 from Kevin Martin and Aaron Brooks. Now that's all well and good Rockets, thanks for the help - but go ahead and not show up Sunday, ok?

Denver Nuggets 98 Oklahoma City Thunder 94 (Recap) - For most of the game it looked like OKC was going to finish the other end of the karma pay back as they led by 13 points into the 4th quarter. However, Denver closed the game on a 22-5 run - holding the Thunder without a basket for the last 9 minutes of the game - to get the win. Carmelo Anthony was literally knocked out of the game (like unconscious) but returned to play the 4th quarter. Chauncey Billups led the Nuggets with 31.

Dallas Mavericks 110 Memphis Grizzlies 84 (Recap) -If you're a gambler this one would have been easy money. Dallas was at home, rested, and playing a non-playoff team - that's a recipe for an ass-kicking. Caron Butler put up 23 points to lead the Mavs.

Portland Trail Blazers 93 Los Angeles Clippers 85 (Recap)- See the above line about the Mavs and replace "at home" with "playing the Clippers." The win vaulted Portland into a tie with San Antonio and OKC and actually puts the Blazers in 6th with tie breaker rules.

Phoenix Suns 112 San Antonio Spurs 101 (Recap) - Will a series of whoooo's and yay's do it for you? Oh you want something more? Fine - go read Wil.

Western Conference Standings:

Thursday April 8th Western Conference Games of Significance:

Lakers @ Nuggets - This is it tonight. I know it's not fun to do or anything, but root for the Lakers not to screw us over again. The LAL cause should be aided by the fact that Denver played OKC last night.

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