Daily Poll: Where Will the Suns Finish in the West?

With immense support from his teammates, Goran Dragic continues to soar and carry the Suns bench, which only bodes well for the playoffs. (Photo by Max Simbron)

After last night's game, the Suns are sitting at the number 4 spot in the Western Conference playoff picture. They're half a game up on the 5th place Jazz, and in a 3 way tie for the number 2 seed, with the tie breakers going to the division leading Mavericks and Nuggets.  With 4 games left, the Suns aren't getting much help from their Western Conference foes, as everyone seems to realize the importance of each game.

And, for your entertainment, a quick poll to see where you all think the Suns will end up in this wild, wild race.

(Semi) Update on Robin Lopez

With Suns practice being canceled for the day so the boys could board a flight to Oklahoma City, there wasn't much of note on that side of things. I did, however, see Robin Lopez walking down the hall, and asked how his back was feeling. He said, "It's much better, thanks" and that was that. I don't know what that means, but it has to at least be encouraging. He didn't seem bothered by the question, and seemed to be in good spirits.  I wouldn't read too much into it...but at least he seemed happier than last time.

I was also in the garage when Robin Lopez pulled up in his car.  It looks almost identical to this car (click for picture), and I think it's hilarious that such a big NBA player drives such a small, relatively crappy car.

Daily Links

Buzz Manager Blog: NBA Blog Index: Top 10 NBA Blogs
6.) Bright Side of the Sun - I guess it’s not surprising to see a Sun’s blog featured on this list as they’re one of the more social savvy teams in the NBA. Seth and his team pump out tons of content including daily playoff reports down this home stretch. We also love their ability to have fun and engage their fans with NCAA bracket contests and by making fun of Lou Amundson. Hey c’mon, who doesn’t?

1 on 1 with Phoenix Suns dancer Courtney Quenzler| Valley of the Suns
If you’re a Suns fan, you’re a fan of the Phoenix Suns Dancers. I mean, how couldn’t you be? We see them every home game strutting their stuff during timeouts, but we never know much about the girls behind the pretty smiles and perfect routines.

NBA Admits Referees Missed Call at the End of Thunder-Jazz -- NBA FanHouse
Now even more reason to not want to face the Thunder in the first round. "The assertion has been made that it will be difficult for Oklahoma City to advance in the playoffs because they won't be getting the benefit of the close calls from the referees. Now that the league has come out publicly to acknowledge the error in this department, going forward, that's probably less likely to be the case."

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