NBA Playoff Nightcap: May 11th Edition

The Big Guys are coming (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)

Due to the sudden death of the San Antonio Spurs, Atlanta Hawks, and Utah Jazz (RIP all), there will be three days this week without a Nightcap.  Now I know this comes as awful news for you all, but I urge you to live your lives without me.  Don't get me wrong, I'll miss you cutie pies more than life itself but I like to think that the absence will make our hearts grow fonder for each other.  I mean, I suppose I could write a Nightcap of what I actually did the night before or maybe even about hockey or something (I hear that's still a professional sport), but that would probably be about as interesting as a Blazer fan's analysis of the remaining playoff games. 

With the Lakers win over the Jazz, the Western Conference Finals are now set.  In case you missed yesterday or really the entire last week, the Suns are appearing in those Conference Finals.  So what's up, Laker fans? Nice to see you guys.  If you disagree with anything I write, I really couldn't care less.  Like not even a little.  Be a good house guest and take your shoes off before you enter.

Monday May 10th Playoff Results:

Los Angeles Lakers 111 Utah Jazz 96 (Recap)The sweep is over and the Lakers are on their way to the Western Conference Finals.  Considering the way the Lakers played in the second quarter, I'm surprised that Utah even had the game this close.  After a relatively tight first, LAL went into kill mode and headed into half with a 17 point lead.  Utah managed to cut the lead down to 70-65 in the third quarter before the Lakers decided they weren't bored anymore and finished them off.  Pau Gasol continued to use his ridiculous size advantage over Utah to the tune of 33 points (on 12/18 shooting) and 14 rebounds.  Don't look it up, but I'm pretty sure Gasol averaged 60.4 points and 38.8 rebounds per game for the series.  Former NBA MVP Kobe Bryant was again pretty darn good, scoring 32 points and getting to the free throw line for 12 attempts.  Utah got 21 from both Deron Williams and Paul Millsap but what really jumps off the page is the 12 rebounds for Kyrylo Fesenko -- you know ... because he's terrible.  The Jazz had not been swept since Golden State did the trick on them in the 1989 playoffs.  Also, just a reminder: Adam Morrison still "plays" professional basketball.  Hilarious.  

Orlando Magic 98 Atlanta Hawks 84 (Recap): What more can you say?  This was a lame game in a series of lame games.  Orlando won and never trailed.  Vince Carter had 22 and was one of five Magicians in double figures.  Atlanta was led by Jamal Crawford's 22.  Joe Johnson finished a disaster series by going 5/15 for 13 points.  Way to go strong into that last big contract summer.  Since absolutely anything would be more interesting than writing about that game more, here's absolutely anything:

He said points instead of goals in a hockey movie.  LOL-city.

Conference Semifinals Series Standings:

(1) Lakers v. (5) Jazz: 4-0 Lakers win series

(3) Suns v. (7) Spurs:  4-0 Suns win series

(1) Cavaliers v. (4) Celtics:  2-2 tie

(2) Magic v. (3) Hawks: 4-0 Magic win series

Tuesday May 11th Playoff Game:

Game 5 - Celtics @ Cavaliers: This is it.  The only second round series that didn't end in a sweep.  After watching Rajon Rondo go nuts on his team, LeBron James has asked for the defensive assignment on the young point guard.  Whether Mike Brown gives it to him is another matter ... as is whether it opens up a struggling Paul Pierce.  These are the games Kings win.  Show us what you've got, LBJ.

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