Bold Predictions by the Experts: Suns-Lakers Game 1



Nostradamus, step aside.  

Bucking the recent trend of informationless and spineless series predictions by noted local and national NBA experts, many of these experts have come forward with new, bold predictions for the scintillating Western Conference Finals of the NBA playoffs, featuring the Los Angeles Lakers and the Phoenix Suns

Here, for your benefit, we review some of the most recent predictions by our panel of NBA experts.

Our panel comprises some of the most respected basketball minds in the business.  Aside from picking Spurs over Suns by landslide, our panel also correctly picked Cavs over Celtics.  Ok, maybe that pick wasn't correct this year, but it will be right some year. 

Let's look at what they are telling us about Suns-Lakers Game 1.

Game Day Predictions

Our panel of experts predicted the following possible days for Game 1.


As can see, 5 of 10 think Game 1 will air Sunday while 3 of 10 think Monday will steal Game 1.  Saturday and Tuesday appear to be very unlikely days for Game 1, and we have no idea where Chad Ford and Chris Sheridan got their information.

"We're pretty sure Game 1 will happen and that it will happen this week or next week. I received a tweet from a GM saying so with positive definiteness." said ESPN's J.A. Adande.

"Without a doubt, Game 1 will surely happen before Game 2." shouted Stephen A. Smith.  "And if by the grace of God, it doesn't, then for damn sure before Game 3." 

After a pause either for deep thought or for dramatic effect, he then added, "If it doesn't happen before Game 4 then it may never happen!"


Other Bold Predictions

Regarding more precise predictions on tipoff times and which television station would be airing the game, John Hollinger explains, "There's no way you could possibly know the tipoff time.  It's like trying to predict the weather, but without knowing the day.  For instance, if Game 1 is on Monday, the tipoff, statistically speaking, will likely be in the evening.  But as we've seen happen on numerous occasions, a weekend game may involve an afternoon tipoff." 

"Check out my work on ESPN Insider for detailed analysis on tipoff times conditional on game days of the week," added Hollinger.

Historically, some of the playoff games have been aired on TNT, so TNT is expected to have the edge.  However, if game 1 is on the weekend, we are told by unnamed sources that ABC could become a factor.

"I'm gonna go with my heart here." said Chris Broussard. "C-Span is positively and definitely out of the running. I'm sorry C-SPAN fans, but they have no chance of airing Game 1.  I may be wrong, but I'm going to take a chance here from what I've seen of their programming all season, it would be extremely unlikely."

"In playoff games like this, you can typically expect the NBA to assign referees." said Henry Abbott.  "In most cases, they assign three referees, but we'll just have to see what happens.  If we knew if and how many referees there were going to be, then there'd be no reason to play the games."



Conspiracy Theories

While we at the BSotS newsdesk certainly do not give any weight to these conspiracy theories, we feel it's important to report the various opinions being touted around the blogosphere. 

Conspiracy theorists claim that a wide number of playoff outcomes are pre-decided by the David Stern and the NBA league front office, including most importantly, game dates and times.  Further, that these game times are set in collusion with big multi-billion dollar television networks, possibly for the banal purpose of maximizing viewers and/or revenue dollars. By deciding these game times, the NBA knows when the games will be played.  In advance of the games actually being played.  That's very important information, don't you think?

The NBA front office may also pre-decide other playoff outcomes, such as the number and names of referees.  Importantly, the front office may make these decisions in advance of the game.  The games are fixed!  

"If you know where to look, all of that evidence is out there on the internet." said one five-year-old that agreed to talk to us about these conspiracies.  I asked for where to look, but his mom interrupted our interview and said he had to eat dinner.

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