Optimism at its Best!

Alright Suns fans, today is the big day. This is it, our game 7, make it or break it. But no worries, we'll win.

I know a lot of people have been doubting the Suns after going down 0-2 against the Lakers, but in my eyes there's not one major thing wrong with our position right now. Of course there is that one and only problem... The fact that we're down two games to none. Other than that though, we're set.

As we've found out from recent posts, thanks to Seth and other extremely knowledgeable bloggers, Amar'e isn't the one we should all be pointing our fingers at. In fact, not one individual person deserves that. Every player can step it up a notch, and with Coach Gentry leading the way, it can only go up from here! We have nothing to lose, nothing to worry about. I mean, let's face it, defensively we can only do better!

Here are some things to think about as we head into tonight's game:

1. We're playing at home court -- Obviously this means our players with be more comfortable with the fans cheering them on.

2. Amar'e really hasn't been doing that bad -- Sure he hasn't been grabbing the rebounds, but as I've watched and read interviews and articles about him, it's really not his fault. Trying to do some completely new defensive scheme (to us) was a disastrous idea! It confused everyone.

3. We're going back to the basics, to who we are -- Especially defensively. We should be playing what we know! We have no time to learn all of these new tricks.

4. Channing hasn't lost any confidence -- Have you seen Channing's interviews? They just make me laugh so much because of how confident he really is in himself. He's not gonna let the past two games get to him, and he shoots better at home.

5. Everyone (JRich included) has recognized their mistakes on defense, and they're being corrected.

6. The Lakers are playing great basketball -- but as everyone says, they can't keep shooting this well forever! Of course, if we leave them wide open they can, but that will come to an end.

7. The Lakers did what they're supposed to do -- They won at home! It's hard to beat them at their place, no getting around that. But come on guys, this isn't the Orlando-Boston series where we lost at home both games to start. We still have home court to win on and tie this baby up 2-2!

There are so many things I could continue to go on and on about. How on earth can we lose this game? This series? Our players have heart.

This is my personal scenario of what I could see happening for the rest of the series:

-Suns win Games 3&4 at home

-Lakers win Game 5 at their house (possibly lose, different scenario)

-Suns win Game 6 back home (If Game 5 is ours this is our series closer)

-Game 7, Tight knit game, Nash finishes with a 3 point buzzer-beater

Hey a guy can hope can't he? This is why it's called optimism. There are those of you out there that prefer realism, or as I like to call it, pessimism, and that's fine! You can go soak and wallow in your own self-pity! But I for one will not give up on our Suns!

And hey I don't know about you guys... but I'm sick and tired of listening to these bandwagon-ing Lakers fans and Suns haters that constantly pester me! Let's show 'em who's boss!


We can still do this. Stop doubting. Let our boys feed off our positive energy. This is how we thrive.

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