WCF Theme Music


As I drove to work this morning I surfed the radio and shuffled through CDs trying to find music that would pump me up for the game this evening and keep me going all day. Is it a hip hop kind of game/day? Some rock? A fusion of the two?

I know everyone’s been humming and attempting to sing along to “Winner” – nothing says basketball like a little JT and Jamie Foxx, yeah? Meh. It is the official playoff theme, but it plays everywhere and doesn’t seem personal enough for each game.

Another song they play constantly? That terrible Black Eyed Peas song, “I Got a Feeling” (wooohooo). Please, please no more of that one. I understand it has that go get 'em kind of thing going for it, but good grief it’s gotten old.

I wondered if anyone here has a certain song or set of songs they like to listen to before the game…or if you could sum up the series so far, which song would you personally pick for the playoffs?

Remember Space Jam? Yeah man…that was a fun soundtrack back in junior high. Perfect for basketball or an awkward date. I think my favorite was “Hit ‘Em High (the Monstars Anthem)”. Here’s a little taste for you, taking you back old-school:

Cumulus clouds bring darkness up above
You in it for the money?
Or in it for the love, M.J.?
23 ways to make a play
Loungin' in the mothership back around my way (Uhh!)
I'm 28 light years old
If the refs get political, dribble like Bob Dole
Am I gettin' lyrical?
Daddy, I think so
Monstar droppin' flavor fluid so drink slow

Dribble like Bob Dole. Classic.



Also,  a comment on by Mr. Sports:

Welcome to the WWNBA (World Wrestling National Brawling Association).
Tonight, from the Staples Center in L.A., we have the WWNBA's 5th consecutive tag team match between the Jackson Giants and the Gentry Hustle.
The Giants have been struggling as of late, while the Hustle have been in a zone.
In one corna we have Kobe 'No Fouls' Bryant, Derek 'Face Crusher' Fisher, Pau 'Flail and Flop' Gasol, Andrew 'Buy None' Bynum, and Ron 'Tinder Box' Artest.
In the otha corna we have Steve 'The Nose' Nash, Robin 'Crash' Lopez, Amar'e 'The Beast' Stoudemire, Grant 'Mr. Merlot' Hill, and Jason 'One for the Road' Richardson.
There will be three guys in the ring to help keep order and to sort things out.
There's Bob 'I didn't see a thing' Whitecane, Bill 'I see lots of things that never happen' Clewless, and the third man in the ring is Joey 'The Fixer' Sternsman.
Joey is just here to make sure everybody follows the script and that Bob and Bill don't call any fouls on Kobe.

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