How to write a narrative. OR...The BB Gods are CRAZY.

Allright, the narrative has been written, and now we know that the basketball Gods are f'ing mean.  And BAD writers. 

Everything being said, I wish we could have gotten scenario 2 or 3, but at least we got elements of both - our Slovenian beat their Slovenian in the Slovenian shoot-out.  At least half of the quotes in scenario 3 still apply.  Steve Nash cried, then I cried, and I cry again every time I see him cry.  But maybe, MAYBE, this is just the beginning of the story - Steve and Grant are back next year, Alvin is still the coach, Kerr is still the GM, and I Can't WAIT!!!

I love the Suns.  Thank you guys for the 98 games I got to spend with you.  Let's make it more next year, OK? 


And if any of you Suns are out in public, and a 52 year old bald man walks up and kisses you right on the lips, it's just me.  I can't imagine being a fan of any other team.  You guys are the best.

And to the BasketBall Gods - F**k you guys.  I'm going home.


Going into Game 6 in Phoenix tonight, there are three possibilities to end this series.  Each one writes its own story.

Lakers win in 6.

     If this is the case, the Lakers have proven that they are the better team, and the team of destiny.  Phoenix has no business losing at home in this game, and the Lakers know it.  They will come out energized, focused, determined, and as desperate as you can get in a game where you can’t be closed out yourselves.  Yeah, there was a bit of luck involved, but I’ve never seen a team in any sport win these big-stage, must-win games without some luck.  Sometimes, you make your own luck with hustle, and sometimes you just get it – but the ‘lucky’ moments are the ones you see over and over on Sportscenter.

     In this scenario, Ron Artest’s last second shot stops being so lucky.  If the Suns can’t win Game 6 at home, they shouldn’t be in the finals.

     This is an incredibly boring narrative, and it confirms that every person who’s talked out of his ass all year is right.  “There’s no ‘D’ in Suns, Kobe is the man, Lakers are too big, blah, blah, freakin’ blah.”  Even Lakers fans don’t want to listen to that.  Well, maybe they do, but nobody else does.


Suns win in Game 6, but lose in Game 7 in LA.

     This may be the most likely scenario.  Here, the Suns are a great home team, not so good on the road, (particularly in LA), and the game Suns just can’t quite pull it off.  No shame there – it is generally acknowledged that the Lakers are the bigger and more talented team, and they had home court advantage, which they needed.

     People will talk about all the right things – Nash is brilliant, Gentry over-achieved, the Suns deserved to be here…It’s sad for Steve, and sad for Grant, but the core of the team is set for the future, blah, blah, blah.  None of it will matter to long suffering Suns fans, who are so sick of ‘almost’ that the legislature may just ban the word from use in Arizona.  You don’t get to hang moral victory banners or get moral victory parades – you get those for winning.  It proves the old adage, “Nice guys finish last.”  This entire team, with the possible exception of Amar’e, are nice guys.  I’d like to see the nice guys finish first for a change.  Who wants to watch Sasha Vujacic strutting around claiming he got into Dragich’s head?  Or Artest laying claim to the game winning shot of the year?  Nah, this is unacceptable.  Individuals shouldn’t win championships – teams win championships.  The Suns are a complete team, top to bottom, and they need to win to prove the concept.  It is better for the NBA, and it is a much better life lesson.  It is a better narrative, too – Boston, with 18 banners, LA with 15 – bored yet? 

Suns win Game 7.

     NOW, you have a story.  Nash in his first finals after 14 years – Grant after even more seasons.  The novice, Gentry, out-duels the most successful post season coach EVER.  Channing Frye’s redemption as opposed to Artests'.  Dragich wins the Slovenian Shootout.  Amar’e CAN play defense.  The Suns CAN play defense.  Our second team out-duels the Lakers starters.  Fried artichokes are bad for ya.  The ‘Girlie Zone’ is how you beat the Lakers.  JRich CAN box out. 

     The best part of this scenario is what the pundits will say. 

Chris Weber: “I am a total douche, and know not of what I speak.  Don’t listen to me.”

John Hollinger: “I told you so.”

Kenny Smith:  “They stand no chance against Boston.”

Sir Charles:  “Where are the chicken and waffles?”

Kobe:  “Trade me NOW!”

Vujacic:  “The kid on the other side?  Which way did he go?”

Platshcke:  “Lakers in 9.”

Channing Frye:  "I'm just gonna keep shooting.  Let it riiiiiide!"

Gentry:  “I don’t know why we won.  Ask Phil – he has all the rings.”

SS&R:  “Stop blaming the refs.”

Laker Nation:  “The Suns can’t win.  They just CAN”T!”

Lebron:  “Phoenix, huh?”

Magic Johnson:  “I could have beat them.  Where’s the chicken and waffles?”

John Hollinger:  “No, really, I told you so.  Here’s the links.”

Steve Nash:  “We have a Finals to win.”

Leandro Barbosa:  “Meep.  Meep.”

Ron Artest:  “Queensbridge.  What town is this?”

Amar’e:  “We played phenomenal.  It was a phenomenal win.”

Dragich:  “I just want to play better, and help team, and I did, and I’m very happy. kako vi všeč biti mi zdaj!!!!





     Yeah, this is the story that everyone without a 90XXX zip code or a stake in the revenues wants to read.  Heart, grit, hustle, teamwork, David vs. Goliath, irresistible force moves the immovable object, nice guys can win…

It’s just a much, much better story.

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