Your favorite games of the 2009-10 Suns season.

Now that the season has sadly come to an end I think it is time to look back and reflect on all the good times. Let's forget about the Amar'e situation right now and just look back at this season and ponder all of the good moments. I say we start by sharing our favorite games of the season.

I would first like to say that I probably watched over 60+Suns games this year which is more than I ever watched in a single season. All of them except for a handful were watched over the Internet. Because I watched so many its tough to remember all of the good ones and how they all went down, but I will try. These are in no specific order by the way.

1. Suns vrs Magic game 2Grant Hill hits a shot to give the Suns a 104-103 lead after a sweet behind the back pass from Steve Nash. The Magic turn the ball over on the next possession. Nash isolates to take a lot of time off the clock and than finds an open Jared Dudley for a baseline three. He misses, but Amar'e grabs a huge offensive rebound with 3 guys around him and slams it down hard to get the crowd going wild with only about 6 seconds on the clock left! I was going crazy, jumping around and screaming and stuff like that when I had saw this. Lewis air -balled a three and the Suns won. I'd go as far as to say that this was the best game before our big season turnaround.

2. Suns vrs Dallas game 2- The turnaround game. What more can be said? Terry calls out our team and says that we can't play defense. The Suns shut Dirk and the Mavs down in the 4rth quarter. Amar'e sits the entire 4rth quarter and Nash doesn't come in until the last 2-3 mins. Our bench played great. Dudley's defense on Dirk was excellent. Amundson played a great game too. Earl Clark even showed flashes of his defense and saw some good playing time in that 4rth quarter. It was this game that turned the Suns around. From here on out our defense improved drastically. Amar'e started to dominate and J-Rich started to find his role with the team.

3. Suns at Thunder game 2- Honestly, I didn't watch this game until the last 3 minutes, but that is all I needed to see. We were down by 10, came back and won off of a J-Rich floater. Yea, 10 is nothing to come back from, but do it with only 3 min left on another home teams court is another story. Not to mention we were without Steve Nash. Dragic played great getting a double double in his first start at the PG position. That nice drive by J-Rich for an open floater was so sweet to see. He can be so clutch and so not clutch at the same time( I know it doesn't make sense, but just look at his game winner than the game tying missed dunk than the game tying three and than not boxing out, yea, but I still love him).

4. Suns vrs Jazz game 3- This game was famous for the call to play the entire 48 mins. We finally held on to a lead vrs these guys to beat them. Amar'e scored 42 and Lopez played some excellent defense while rebounding. Remember Grant Hill's flagrant foul on Price near the end of the game? I loved that play. Grant truly answered the call to play the entire 48 minutes and said, "Not in my house!"

5. Suns vrs Pacers game 2- This was famous for Channing's suspension and for the minor skirmish that occurred. Granger was a punk in this game and it was sweet to hear him call us "dirty". What a fun game.

6. Suns at Warriors game ?- Other than that heartbreaking game 1 vrs the Spurs in the 08 playoffs, this was the most wild game I had ever seen. It went back and forth the entire game at such an exceeding fast pace. Many of us were wondering if the Suns could even play at such a fast tempo anymore. No team could get ahead of each other until... AMARE! That's right, if you ever find yourself wondering if we should let Amar'e go than just remember the Tolliver dunk. I don't think I ever saw a dunk impact a game so much and just totally change the momentum of it. It was a tough game to see at the same time because our guys for some odd reason kept missing clutch free throws, but somehow we still pulled it off.

7. Suns vrs Blazers game 3- I know many of you hated this game because of the slow tempo at which it was played. However, to me it proved that the Suns could still win playing out of their comfort zone. I still remember our zone defense in the final quarter that completely shut down the Blazers. I remember us keeping Brandon Roy from getting the ball in the final second and forcing Miller to take the last shot in which he missed terribly. I remember that Frye played really well on the defensive end and grabbed a lot of rebounds as well.

8. Suns vrs Rockets All 4 games- Yes, all 4 of them. We swept the Rockets, but you have to give them credit. For a team smaller and less talented than us they put up a fight each time and played with a feisty attitude. Remember Collins stepping up in the final minutes of game 1? Remember the game where we held an 18pt lead, than they did and than we did? Remember the final game where Amar'e said, "NO!" and put the team on his back? Remember him diving out of bounce to save the ball and tap it all the way to another teammate which lead to an open big three? The Rockets gave us some good games this year. I don't remember all of them that well, I just remember that they were some good games.

9. Suns at Blazers game 3 NBA playoffs- The series was tied 1-1 and I just loved the fact that we went into Portland and forced them to play our game from the beginning and killed them. J-Rich hit 8 threes and scored 42 points. Great performance from him.

10. Suns at Spurs games 3 and 4 NBA playoffs- I did not expect the Suns to take both games in SA and sweep them. In game 3 we came from behind by 18 points and Dragic put on a show in the 4rth quarter. Nash didn't even play in the 4rth. I will always remember that performance and the locker room video after the game where Nash told the team that we were going to go back in game 4 and close it out. That is what makes game 4 so cool as well. Nash got elbowed in the eye and came back to hit a huge three a few huge jumpers and layups to destroy the Spurs for good. I won't forget that.

11. Suns vrs Lakers game 4 NBA playoffs- We lost the series, yes, but this game is worth remembering. It was great to just see our bench out play the Lakers starters in the 4rth quarter and than see them all together right after the game talking to Craig Sager about their amazing performance.

I'm pretty sure that I'm forgetting some other big games, so go ahead and share your list of favorite games and feel free to talk about them as well.

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